18 Comments on “Changes Ahead for Marriage Fight: May 13 Marriage News Watch”

  1. Equality is needed now. Thank you for the continued work to bring America
    closer to the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Democracy will win out in the end. A lot of us “straight” people do support
    equality; it is a natural development in a democratic society.

  3. Such good news about Minnesota! News just broke half an hour ago. Fingers
    crossed re SCOTUS. And the Afer mug is back, I’d missed it!

  4. So much for the Chief Justice’s remark that gay people no longer needed the
    protection of the courts. Can’t see gay marriage being legal in every state
    without judicial intervention.

  5. little by little the fear fades and ignorance we are aligning the energy of
    unconditional love the triumph of love and equality for all.

  6. Matt, Thanks! I was happy to here you mention Ohio. Cant wait till June.
    DOMA & Prop 8 both have to go.

  7. I want to gay marry Matt Baume, but ok fine I’ll just settle for his
    inspiring news stories…

  8. I agree with another commenter in that I don’t think the SCOTUS ruling will
    be very broad, unfortunately.

  9. I’m highly skeptical that the Prop. 8 ruling will open up marriage equality
    to all states. That would be wonderful but I don’t think the ruling is
    going to be that broad with the current make up of the U.S. Supreme Court.
    It seems more likely they will tailor a narrow decision that just covers
    California. Or they could choose NOT to rule, which would also make it
    legal in CA.

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