47 Comments on “CNN – Former Rugby Star Ben Cohen Tackles Anti-Gay Bullying”

  1. So how is he going to tackle straights being bulled and hit on by
    homosexuals, or do we have a voice in the matter. The straight truth is,
    homosexuals DO NOT prefer each other, they prefer straights. So where is
    OUR voice to stop their sexual harassment? Everyone seems to think it’s
    funny and make jokes about it, but portray homosexuals as the victims. They
    don’t get bullied for nothing my little phagut loving friend… Straights
    deserve to be protected from homosexual aggression as much as society is
    now attempting to protect the phaguts. Homosexual men rape both adult men
    and male children up to 208 times more than straight of society rapes.
    Anyone wants to challenge me on that fact, be prepared for an ass whipping
    in government facts!

  2. Finally, a celebrity athlete with some substance. It’s good to see one with
    empathy, principles and a noble mission.

  3. As a person who endured bullying because of my homosexuality the thought of
    a straight man walking away from a lucrative career to try and protect LBGT
    youth makes me cry. This world needs more people like Ben Cohen.

  4. Ni la iglesia ha hecho lo que el hace por los ninos o jóvenes gays… Por
    que si señores, en las escuelas hay ninos y jóvenes gays que son ofendidos
    y atacados dia a dia… Un chico adorable realmente!!!!

  5. Thank you Ben!!!! You have all my sympathy for the loss of your Dad. What a
    way to make a tragedy into a triumph!!! May you be blessed. Amen.

  6. thank God, in the United States, due to our second amendment, we can take
    care of our own bullies. learn to lawfully use and carry a gun to protect
    yourself. i’m gay, and i shure as hell don’t need anyone to protect me. i
    can take care of that myself. you will never reason with a bully and if you
    try you are a fool.

  7. 2 people dislike straight & gay people being united and standing against
    bullying, homophobia, murder & hate.

  8. I approve 100% of what he’s doing but does he realise the Queen and royal
    family are part of the very right wing establishment who encourage gay
    bullying and the erosion of gay rights ? We have to stand up against
    bullying AND right wing people who are our enemies.

  9. Never thought I’d say this about a Pommy Union Player, but this guy is a
    legend. p.s. go aussies 😛 😛

  10. Everyone wants to be accepted, respected, and loved for who they are. It
    really is quite that simple, why so few seem to be unable to grasp this is
    beyond me. We all don’t have to think alike and be alike in order to do

  11. Now we need a top footballer (in the UK) to follow suit. Ryan Giggs, join
    Ben’s campaign and help repair your profile.

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