15 Comments on “CNN YouTube Debate–Gay rights”

  1. Do your parents know you are a faggot? You’ll be dead from AIDS before you
    ever see age 30. One less public school educated socialist to pull the
    lever for the democrats. Good riddance.

  2. The only reason “marriage” became a gay issue is because it’s a back-door
    (heh heh) way to get the government and insurance companies to pay for the
    outrageously expensive cost of HIV-AIDS health care. This just passes the
    cost on to the bulk of the (heterosexual) working population — which is
    exactly the point. No health insurance company would cover a gay male, if
    the government hadn’t forced them to be “blind” about it. It’s legalized
    theft, basically.

  3. “It’s legalized theft, basically” Exactly. It also gets them huge benefits
    from Soc. Security, Medicaid & the usual welfare scams, if they pull it
    off. That’s also the main reason behind the push to allow them in the
    military — total healthcare for life, for both. And every HIV-pos will
    scare up or buy a military “husband” to foot that huge-$ monthly AZT

  4. “Being gay is a pretty gay thing to be” No shit. Gay people are mentally
    stable. They act just like you except that they happen to fall in love with
    people of the same gender. Also, AIDS is not a “gay” disease. Most cases of
    AIDS involve straight people. Statistically, African American men are the
    most likely demographic to have AIDS. Are they just getting married for the
    benifitts? I think not. Lesbians are actually less likely than straight
    people to have AIDS. You’re completely ignorant.

  5. Compelling argument, but being gay is still a pretty gay thing to be….
    They are not mentally stable or correct, so there rights should be hindered.

  6. AIDS should not be embraced as wonderfull. Give me a break you think
    bullshit gay marriage should be allowed . We dont need are health care
    destroyed any more.

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