28 Comments on “CNN’s Roland Martin Tweets Anti-Gay Stuff”

  1. Im black and our community is very anti gay I saw the tweet and was
    immediately offended so don’t pay attention to the the haters I love you
    David your awesome 

  2. Roland Martin did nothing wrong!! You gays loose support from everyone else
    when you make such a big deal about nothing!!

  3. i can’t stand this liberal bullshit anymore! Roland Martin did nothing
    wrong! These pussy ass fag enablers like David Pakman are now harping on
    about nothing. I hope what happened to Martin brings about more hatred and
    violence for homosexuals. I hope the worst for them and people like Pakman.

  4. @donnyforte2 black people have never really been on the gay rights side as
    a whole. personally im black & am now but growing up to tell the truth i
    used to think that there were no gay black people as a child. black people
    are largely progressive, but somewhat homophobic

  5. Its nice when you can make a phone call and get a turd like Roland Martin
    off the air. God bless you, CNN, you’re okay. Ms. LaReina

  6. I’m literally stunned at the amount of blacks that are against things like
    gay rights. Minorities hating on minorities. Brilliant.

  7. I don’t want to see David Beckham in underwear either. I support gay rights
    but I hate when gay people attack people over bullshit.

  8. I’m glad you guys supports gay rights and the gay community, but those
    tweets didn’t really seem bad to me, especially the 1st one…as a dude,
    he’s just basically saying he doesn’t wanna see David Beckham in underwear
    & when that commercial came on, basically every guy said “i don’t wanna see
    that shit.” And the whole pink thing is juvenile, but he’s just saying why
    show up at a football game like. I don’t think it was intent to be
    offensive specifically to gays.

  9. You can say however you feel and should not be penalized for it. These
    people think they can attack anyone that says anything in reference to
    them, grow up and grow a pair


  11. Ironicly this video shows the difference between the way gay men and
    straight men think. Straight men never think sexual gay thoughts about
    football. Obviously gay men do. I do not think Roland was trying to affirm
    himself. This is just an example of the thoughtless comments most of us
    straight men make without thinking about someone else perspective of
    sexuality. He should not be fired.

  12. @blackwolf1200 The last thing horny queers need is a fat little hateful man
    like Roland S. Martin – what is he, the Democrat Rush Limbaugh???

  13. All this stuff going on in the country and yall arguing over this?? What
    about homes, money, food, wars, the fed, these are real issues that need to
    be addressed but yall scared to hold these officals who are running the
    country into the ground accountable and would rather focus on b.s. gossip

  14. I’m bisexual, and I used to play football (albeit on a very low level in
    Sweden), and I have to say that, for me, football was an altogether
    non-sexual thing. I never, ever, thought sexual thoughts about team mates
    or opposing team members while on the field. On field, they were simply
    warriors to me.

  15. @zedwid3000 Good thing I mentioned “things like gay rights”. Unless you’re
    equating one with the other? I don’t see me saying “things like pedophilia”.

  16. I think a lot of straight men have weird hangups about sports like
    football. David and Netan (?) certainly do, like Louis, Homo erotica is
    literally the last thing to cross my mind when watching football. “this is
    kinda gay” never enters my brain when watching football or wrestling.
    Perhaps you guys say this is because you feel slightly gay urges when
    watching football or wrestling, Louis and myself do not.

  17. As the great George Carlin once said, most people who are against abortion
    are people you wouldn’t want to F in the first place. This lump of gump is
    hardly sexually enticing to any gay in their right mind. Perhaps he dreams
    of a tryst with RuPaul!! Fat chance, Martin. Ms. LaReina

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