12 Comments on “Crisis In Ukraine / Religious Freedom vs. Gay Rights – Fox News Sunday Panel – Chris Wallace”

  1. Ok so I’m fucking tired of war mongering republicans taking jabs at Obama
    for not invading Syria. Over 80% of Americans did not support invading
    Syria or bombing Syria. Kerry did the right thing by going through the UN
    and getting the chemical weapons out was always his main priority. The GOP
    have no understanding about what actually happened in Syria. It’s just
    another phony scandal buzzword they like to repeat to themselves

  2. Hey Pussy… Syria is now utterly aligned with Russia, along with Iran. You
    are the same radar operator on the island of Hawaii, the one who thought
    that black blotch on the screen was a flock of birds.

  3. “Russia is a 3rd world country but… with 1st world Military”??? This
    imbecile, the Mongols were simple nomadic people, China and Europe were
    civilized and sophisticated guess what happened? Poor tanks, rich tanks,
    poor guns, rich guns, still kill your ass the same

  4. Stupid teabaggers and Cons are trying to use their PHONY “religous freedom”
    argument to promote their backward, bigoted agenda. I can’t wait to see
    their heads explode when a Muslim pharmacist refuses to sell insulin to a
    Christian diabetic because she doesn’t have her head covered with a hijab. 

  5. USA is a talk nation and nobody care what they say, its just a girly gay

  6. Wow, pretty good discussion from Fox . “if you are open to the public you
    are open to all the public.” well said and could not agree more on that.

  7. Hmmm…
    Do they know that reading history books helps?
    Obama and Co disappointed by the fact that 5 bil dollars were invested to
    make Ukraine apart from Russia, but happened to be radically different
    things ))
    So they sponsored Russia become bigger? )))) 

  8. The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion over the
    impact of the Russian military movement towards Ukraine. The Veto of the
    Arizona Bill by Jan Brewer and it’s affect on the GOP going forward is also
    addressed. FNC’s Chris Wallace hosts the panel comprised of George Will
    (Syndicated Columnist), Elise Viebeck (The Hill), Scott Brown (Former U.S.
    Senator (R-MA), and Evan Bayh (Former U.S. Senator (D-IN) . 

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