37 Comments on “Dale Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our differences”

  1. well i do agree with the speech, and applaud this good man for his
    masterful use of it. but i don’t think comparing the man – gay locker room
    situation with man – murderer locker room situation is an appropriate
    comparison. when a guy comes out that he’s gay, he’s telling the world that
    he is of another gender, with a whole set of sexual preferences. men will
    be uncomfortable having another gay man in their locker room because he is
    admittedly of another gender. it’s the same thing as having a guy in the
    women’s locker room. of course, i’m not defending homophobia, just pointing
    out that the comparison is off somehow. 

  2. i wanna hug this guy and tell him your covered in awesome sauce man. no one
    deserves to have their dreams shot down just because they are homosexual.
    perfect speech ive heard in a long time.

  3. Amazing and to the point! I will share that… what scares me though are
    the 787 people who voted this down. Now that is scary the hate and
    stupidity that is still going round. 

  4. Not that I follow US sports. But this news anchor should be governor or
    president. There are some hope for America after all! #sports #usnews #

  5. As he said, they expressed discomfort at sharing shower room with a gay
    man. Anyone who can’t understand this clearly thinks that men and women
    should share shower rooms? Get a grip. It’s a reasonable concern.

  6. Honestly I’m amazed at how many people think this guy is somehow “gifted’
    with how he talks, he just blows something simple totally our of proportion
    and the puts political bias onto it. Seriously people..

  7. Cheating on your spouse, premarital sex, watching porn, idolizing a
    celebrity, using a Ouija board, hating someone, lying, denying the truth,
    jealousy, murder, stealing, egotism, disrespecting your parents, being
    drunk, homosexuality, and checking your horoscope, are all considered
    “abominations” and will keep you from inheriting the kingdom of God. These
    are just to name a few. So why in the actual FUCK are people so obsessed
    with homosexuality? Take your ignorant bigotry somewhere else. God bless
    Michael Sam, and God bless Dale Hansen.

  8. I like how some of these anonymous NFL officials opined about how the
    league may be prepared to accept openly gay players in the future, but not
    right now… as though it will just be by happenstance, and not because
    people like Michael Sam stuck their necks out and opened the doors in the
    first place. He’s one of the fucking best defensive players in college
    football right now, so let him in on the merits of his skill. There’s a
    sick irony in these people within the league spreading doubt about his
    ability to perform amidst the same controversy they are manufacturing, but
    who are too chickenshit to publish their names behind their statements when
    he had the guts to come out and put his own future draft prospects on the

  9. Regarding the locker room thing: I’m a gay man and I feel that no one
    should have to expose themselves to anyone if they’re not comfortable with
    it. I’m a private person: I’m that guy in the gym who always keeps a towel
    around his waist before he takes his underwear off and doesn’t take it off
    until he gets to the shower stall. I think everyone—athlete or
    otherwise—has that right.

    But the fact that’s a principle we’re only now discussing that an openly
    gay man’s involved? Kinda messed up. When I wasn’t comfortable showering
    with the other guys in gym class, I was told “No, it’s good for the
    camaraderie! Don’t be a sissy about it!” There are a million reasons to
    want your privacy other than “afraid a gay man might check me out and
    harass me, even though he probably won’t”, but that’s the one that we’re
    worried about? Oy vey.

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