27 Comments on “David Pakman Phone Calls to and from Target Spokesperson on Anti-Gay Donation”

  1. This guy sounds like a Soviet-style witch hunter. So they gave money to a
    politician who disagrees with gay marriage. People are allowed to have an
    opinion, ya know… 

  2. Retarded bastard is wasting his time trying to stand up for faggots and
    target would crush your company in 2 mins 

  3. David Duke acknowledges that Asian people on average have higher IQ’s than
    Caucasians, therefor he’s a quote “White Supremacist”… more like
    “anti-zionist gentile”… and because Pakman is in fact a Zionist Jew, it’s
    in his best interest to smear the name of David Duke. Eugenics is
    progressive. The last thing I hope for this world is a state of “Ideocracy”.

  4. @HomleandSecurity erm… the media? you know the people whose job it is to
    question decisions made by the government/corporations and report doubts
    the public

  5. @notdonebefore Lol I know…I kept saying “He’s hot” on his videos and he
    eventually added me as a friend on Youtube HAHA!!!! Thanks David 😛

  6. @tonykeywest08 You are the absolute scum of the Earth, you conservative
    piece of shit. You people pollute the Earth with your “Oh so worthy
    morals.” But keep up the sin, I’m sure you will be rewarded for it.

  7. Your fantasy world has you confused! ROFLMFAO youre the last one to use the
    words stupid, and immoral! You should define those words, then go read your
    comments! Fuck, youre so ignorantly obtuse its funny as hell!

  8. regardless they are allowed to make their own political decisions, no
    matter how stupid they are. that’s how politics work, in this country we
    should be free to vote for/support any political cause we want without
    ridicule. Im not defending targets decision, i think its wrong, but imagine
    this were the other way around.

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