49 Comments on “Do Americans Think War In Afghanistan Was A Mistake?”

  1. Bin Laden is such a joke. Who made his power! Who did support him. Didn’t
    the CIA and the Saudi gov support him in in the 90s. Didn’t the Bushes
    support him to be a good access to the middle east! I just can’t believe
    that Americans still trust their government! 

  2. War is always a mistake untill you have to defend yourself well the
    Terrorist didn’t permanently attacked US. 9/11 was a big mistake from the
    Terrorist but really US didn’t defend their Country just the Oil recources!

  3. America always lost wars. They never won. They are one of the most hated
    country on earth so you are on the top of the Guinness record book.
    American citizens wherever they go around the world, they will be only
    respected in English spoken countries otherwise everybody hates them. There
    are many reason why these people hate that much. Americans were born as a
    mistaken. Therefore they do make so rapidly big mistakes but unfortunately
    they can’t see this mistakes clearly but no worry, they already fucked up
    and will fuck up if they carry on attacking more countries. Terror maybe
    not exist in this region so America should look at mirror.

  4. sending troops was the right thing to do?? fuck off Cenk.. it was not. You
    don’t go and invade a country for suspicious.

  5. before everyone rants about how “fat americunts” are so bad, think about
    all the rationally minded americans that drown everyday in social ignorance
    and absurd government corruption. calling americans names doesnt help
    anyone. if u truly want to help americans take control of thier country
    (they are not, corporations control the US) then calmly attempt to educate
    americans that u meet on the internet. try to be patient… -America

  6. The only reason we have stayed there for the past 5 years was to save face
    while Afghanistan collapsed. After 40 years, 2 generations have seen
    nothing but war and it has broken the country. Sad for a country which in
    the 60’s was a nice little jem in Central Asia. Afghanistan isn’t ready to
    support itself and will fall to the Taliban once we leave. If you research
    you see the Afghan forces are too corrupt and broken to defend. Ethnic
    differences between north and south play a key part in Afghanistan politics
    and is tearing the country apart. I would give it the most 10 years
    before, Kabul falls. Americans will stay in the country as drones and
    military spec ops for decades, taking down small terrorist targets.

    Thats how the war should have been the whole time. Go over the Taliban’s
    head, spec op terrorist targets, treat them as criminals not political
    entities, then get out of the region. Locate another terrorist, repeat.
    No nation building, no invasions. But hell, when has anyone not
    benefitted from an invasion?

  7. Bush idiocy caused the US Afghan war. He didn’t understand the relationship
    between the Taliban, their Saudi king backers and the Bin Ladens.

    It was clear as day that Taliban could not officially accept the Bush
    ultimatum. Tbh I am more inclined to think that Bush said it out of
    ignorance, thinking Taliban would accept.

    Strange to think one sentence wrong caused 10+ years war.
    Afghanistan was a waste of time,but ironically it is more important to have
    regional influence now than before…

  8. I still see cars driving around with Obama ’08 stickers with the O made
    into a peace sign.

    Obama the candidate of peace.. OOOOO-KAY

  9. We should have just treated it like we did Pakistan. Quick strike do as
    much damage as you can leave no witnesses and be out in 30 min or less.
    That’s the way all us wars should be fought. 

  10. I only agree on US Forces to fight against the Taliban fighters terrorizing
    Afghan people. But I think we should also learn that we are also causing
    fear in the Afghan people’s eyes as well. They don’t like bombs getting
    dropped or having the Taliban place IEDs in their villages. So the quicker
    we get rid of the Taliban, the better. But I don’t really see that
    happening, so I think we can leave. we’ve been there too long anyway.

  11. The war on Afghanistan was not a mistake the way they fought the war was
    they should have went in there divided the country to North and South take
    out the terrorist groups and leave American’s should have known this lesson
    but no they desided once again to stay they are winning but now they have
    to stay forever in this country in order to keep it from destroying it’s
    self. Now America fought the war the wrong way and they are at a point
    where they need to deside either to stay in the country or the weaker
    option leave by the end of the year if a peace treaty isn’t signed until
    then which will have all it’s work unraveled in a couple of years. 

  12. All through history it’s been shown that Afghanistan is the place where
    empires go to die. America has never left any country that they have had an
    armed conflict with. Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.
    They also seem to have a penchant for pitching tent in the countries of
    their allies. Only to use them to spy on the people of that country and
    conduct drone strikes. At any one time the US has half it’s troop count
    outside the borders of the US. Time for the Empire of the USA to die now.

  13. I really don’t know what it is with our desire to win wars and make
    ourselves look like war mongrols. Then again it isn’t the common Americans
    fault, they tricked us into believing we were fighting terrorism and
    keeping our country safe, sad to think we haven’t legitimately win a war
    since WW2

  14. The problem is that there was no plan. When we had WWI, WWII, there was a
    clear and defined goal, and an exit strategy. 


  16. Why are we even there still? Oh yeah I forgot…we really went there to
    stop the natural gas pipeline that Afghanistan wants to build with Russia
    and Iran. Only because the fucking Israeli’s found natural gas too, and
    they want to be the ones that control the LNG market instead – so more
    corporatist banker bullshit in other words. That’s actually all it is
    because otherwise we wouldn’t care where the LNG came from would we? So
    America is fighting an Israeli war. Remember that next Memorial Day.

  17. The U.S. will never pull out of Afghanistan. America is todays version of
    the Roman Empire that loves wars and to colonize other weaker nations. But
    just like the Roman Empire, America’s time as an empire is running out.

  18. As quiet as it’s kept. We’re trying to prop up a country in which the
    government could collapse at any minute…If not already collapsing…

  19. I believe the numbers changed because of all the money involved and the
    misrepresentation of politicians. Many people now believe a man in a cave
    could not have led such an attack as 911 was.

  20. Come on, there were more police officers on Manhattan than soldiers in all
    of Afghanistan, I’f we (The allied, I’m from Denmark) really wanted to
    catch Bin Laden in Afghanistan we would have shown a little more force..
    You should see the documentary called “this is what winning looks like”
    You can search it in youtube… 

  21. There is a reason Cenk is just missing it. We need to have a front opened
    for our war with Iran soon, so we can attack from the east with troops
    already on the ground. This is way they wanted to stay in Iraq also–think
    about it! 

  22. I recently saw a report that the cost of the two wars will total between 4
    and 6 trillion dollars. That is taking into consideration the Nation
    Building we have done the cost to our Veterans etc.. We need to start
    nation building here at home. . 

  23. How long did Russia spend there? Did the US really think they were going to
    do any better? It reminds me of Napoleon and Hitler invading Russia. Learn
    from history or be doomed to repeat it.

  24. “We didn’t get any change under president Obama”

    You are only now realizing this Cenk? The biggest disadvantage of me
    being libertarian is seeing how right I am and how slow liberals are at
    discovering facts.

  25. There not going to leave Afganistan totaly even if they remove US troops
    they will keep bases there even if they are manned by mercenaries. The
    bases there are to useful as they help encircle China, Russia and Iran.
    Also the US is likly keeping dibs on Afganistan’s resources (peaple,
    poppies, and natural) so no other power (i.e China and Russia) can get it
    into the future. They don’t care what the American pulation thinks because
    they are the “exceptional” ones who see further then anyone else. Just as
    Hillary Clinto and Obama and the Neo cons like Cheney.

  26. look at all the interviews with rumsfeld and cheney before they killed
    Hussein , a YEAR earlier. they were all buddy buddy with him, like complete
    mafia fcking thugs. befriending a guy they are going to kill. Like in The
    Sopranos or something.

  27. The Afghan and Iraqi Wars, America’s version of the Clone Wars. A pointless
    series of battles that only gave the government more power to put it’s foot
    down on the people it’s supposedly wants to protect from terror.

  28. This guy is stupid, Obama doesn’t want troops there. He’s said that
    countless times.
    President Obama and Joe Biden have both made it very clear that we’re
    leaving in 2014 period. They’ve made that clear since 2012.
    This guy is just speculating and making stupid conjectures

  29. USA was birthed through war, brought up in corruption, and now thrives off
    blood shed. Everything from your education system to your political ideals
    is a joke, It’s sad to see a country so brainwashed by media that the
    people are nothing more then drones. You would think by 2014 the human race
    would know right from wrong, yet we are no more advanced then ants slaves
    to a pointless system til death. Raise some intelligent kids people it’s
    really the only hope.

  30. If anyone had bothered to take a look at the soviet war in Afghanistan
    before the us war there started, they would’ve known that that damned
    sandbox is a financial nightmare doomed to end in a war of attrition as is,
    let alone in today’s economy.


  32. Just tell em’ Cenk… Tell em’ to wake up. If it works maybe we wouldn’t
    live in such a country where we enjoy being raped by our imperial-fascist

  33. On local news in southern Alabama, there was a report that they were just
    now sending Alabama National Guardsmen TO Afghanistan. This is several
    months after local hometowns had these big welcome home celebrations. As
    Cenk says…unbelievable!

  34. Aghanistan is just Korea at the point, and in twenty or thirty years the
    veterans of this war will be treated no differently. 

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