18 Comments on “Don Cherry on Sochi 2014”

  1. When is Canadians going to stop talking about “Europeans”. Like Russia and
    France is the same country. Its laughable.

  2. This interview was a waste of money collected from hard working Canadian
    tax payers… Cherry’s a dummy and you live in a bubble Jian.

  3. Doesnt Cherry say Russians have zero heart after 3 minutes in this clip:
    Vintage Don Cherry Coaches Corner: Russian Hockey Sucks

  4. Give it a rest. Don Cherry is the man. And Bobby Clark saved Canada’s ass.
    And Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. Canadians are loved
    all over the world. 

  5. Rod – I didn’t mean that offensively..just saying that I enjoyed the
    interview, even though I don’t have that much interest on the themes they
    spoke about.

  6. “Dmitry Chernyshenko on Russia’s anti-gay laws on QTV”
    ITs unavailable to the US i guess…… when will it be available??

  7. Don, thanks for being you. Very few people today have the stones to say
    how they feel, right or wrong, when it comes to ‘sensitive’ issues. Your
    analyses of the imbalance and unfairness of imported players (Russian)
    needed to be said, well put. Enjoy your Bud in Sochi (you too Jian, thanks
    for the great interviews and all that goes into your prep and
    execution/delivery) ……..Oh, and Don, if you are homesick?
    Visualization is the answer: close your eyes and ‘Sauga can be right
    there…..breathe deep, you are getting sleepy…smell the mixture of cheap
    cooking oil, TTC air-brakes and sirens….

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