42 Comments on “Edwards: Aren’t You Using Religion to Oppose Gay Marriage?”

  1. Why does it matter what reason you deny it, religion or not, homosexuality
    is only a preference they’re just human let them be married.

  2. this is the last time im replying to you “stopwatchhearts” i never said we
    are better off than 50 years ago we have made great strides as a country in
    areas and we have great erosion other places like our sexual morals and
    willingness to live our life like animals doing or following whatever urge
    that pops up in us.So please set yourself on fire and stop arguing over the
    computer over such a stale topic

  3. @orland9999 The Muslims will never become the majority in America. Spanish
    people might, but not Muslims. Besides, Spanish people don’t vote, so we
    won’t have to worry about that. I never said anything about taking people’s
    right to vote away. And if Muslims become the majority, there will be no
    more voting, we’ll be back in the middle ages with a monarchy.
    Non-believers are stubborn slaves of Satan. (His personal favorite)

  4. Look who can say that incestious homosexuals cannot be married. Since gays
    cannot procreate there is no risk there. What if a brother and a sister
    want to get married and don’t want a children there is no risk there
    either. Incestious couples should also along with gays be allowed to get
    married. Bisexuals should be allowed to have a bigamist marriage with one
    of each sex. Its only fair. Vote No on 8 to get this started.

  5. Maybe you should consult a Bible scholar. The word “homosexual” was not in
    the Bible until 1943. Any Bible before then does not condemn gays. A very
    good Reverend for breaking the barrier and clearing up God’s name. He is
    not homophobic. Read John 3:16, sin is excused because we now have a lawyer.

  6. The game people like to play is to make the false comparison with those who
    misused the Bible to support slavery. There is a big difference between
    using the Bible correctly to support truth and distorting it to promote
    your personal biases.

  7. again more words of wisdom from an ignorant bigot. tell us jsxdude, what
    does it feel like to be a bigot?

  8. including sexist teachings knoun as males r superior 2 females hai, boys
    dont cry, girls cant perform martial arts, shitt lyke dett. 😐 ther r lots
    of boys/girls donts out ther… so do de reserch.

  9. Marz, you just showed how God operates His world. When you make a planet,
    you too can do things as you see fit. Besdies, God’s law is absolute.
    Despite his unfailing love and mercy, His Word is absolute.


  11. @parkcardy Obama still had the justice department defend the DOA in
    court..if he didn’t the ruling of the court would have stood and DOA would
    have been thrown out

  12. god said its an abomination to him,,it stinks in his eyes,,dosent mean god
    hates them,,i dont agree with same sex marriage,,but we live in america,,i
    am muslim,,im afraid for my childrens future now if it happens

  13. Homosexuality is caused by a difference in the brain. It does not hurt
    anyone, they can’t change, if they could they would, noone would choose to
    be a part of the hated sexual preference group. It is nature. it happens to
    animals too.

  14. I am an atheist. You are a religious faggot. Marriage is should be
    biological, not religious. I want religion out of marriage, I don’t go to
    your faggot church.

  15. this is ridiculous, some black people are actually offended when some of
    the homosexual community actually compare themselves and their fight for
    homosexual unions to slavery…this is not about human or civil rights and
    yet no one in the audience or the candidates seem to understand

  16. Separate but equal is SEGREGATION. It didn’t work for blacks, it won’t work
    for gays. Equal MARRIAGE rights are essential for a country that prides
    itself on equality and justice for all.

  17. I think you aren’t looking at statistics–African American women, according
    to real statistics, are the majority of people who have the AIDs Virus

  18. “What’s he that is not born of woman?” (Macbeth) If you have to tell a
    grown man that babies do not come out of his asshole, there is something
    definately wrong with him. Faggot marriage is a ceremonious sanctification
    for the impoverished guilt-ridden egos who seek esoteric absolution.
    Religious faggots.

  19. @orland9999 Your right about religious nut groups, but we have to vote as a
    whole what we want our society to be. No one told gay people they cant get
    married. The law simply states they can’t marry within the same sex. They
    still can practice their shit mining but just cant get married. The priest
    says “I now pronounce you man and wife”. Not “I now pronounce you man and
    husband”. Gays HAVE rights in this country, but shouldn’t be above the law
    or change it because of their chemical imbalance.

  20. Nature laws? there’s plenty of gayness within the animal kingdom. In fact,
    the san diego zoo has a gay penguin couple.

  21. AND? It DOESN’T give the same rights: The law does not give same-sex
    couples any of the more than 1000 rights and benefits that the federal
    government gives to married couples, including: * the right to
    family-related Social Security benefits; * the right to federal income and
    estate tax breaks; and Even under California law, same-sex couples are not
    completely equal. Domestic Partners cannot file joint state income taxes
    and state employees are not entitled to the same benefits…

  22. Faggot marriage is a ceremonious sanctification for the impoverished
    guilt-ridden egos who seek esoteric absolution.

  23. “…under the states long-term care benefits package. n addition, if you
    enter into a California domestic partnership, many of the protections will
    not exist if and when you are outside California. For instance, if you or
    your partner are injured in another state, you are allowed hospital
    visitation or the right to make emergency medical decisions on behalf of
    your partner. ” Yeah WOO equal rights.

  24. I truly don’t care who you marry- ANYONE. Anyone implies a consenting
    adult. It means “any PERSON.” Your dog, your computer, your foot, cannot
    consent, and are not people. But, to be honest? If you would allow to
    homosexuals to marry people of the opposite sex, then they must be fit to
    make that decision, then why should they be denied the right to choose each
    other? If you want to marry your foot, then by all means… Worry about
    things that really matter, that actually affect you…

  25. dude go kill yourself this lame conversation.i commented on this months ago
    and i just posed a question to start a debate.Arguing your point is fine
    but dang it isn’t life or death.this isn’t English class neither i don’t
    think im gettting graded for my grammar so you can relax teach your off
    duty.Dang you gay?… great!! you want to have kids??.. fine.happy now?? so
    please shut the hell up and lets move on.

  26. Civil unions can go unrecognized in certain states due to the DOMA, and
    despite rigorous attempts to the contrary are calculated at only providing
    three quarters of the full benefits of marriage where they are. Without
    fully recognized marriage, wills, inheritance, hospital visitation rights,
    etc. fall short and can be and are often undermined. People downplay how
    large a discrepancy there is between civil unions and gay marriage; ironic
    how a black man can stand up for separate but (un)equal.

  27. You are a religious faggot. Government should be out of marriage and
    religion. Birth certificate = marriage certificate.

  28. While they’re at it why don’t they legalize marijuana in all 50 states and
    take away the rest of our gun rights. What does that leave America with? A
    bunch of weaponless, dope smoking, homos. The Chinese are gonna walk in and
    take the country with ease. Our country is nothing like it was 65 years ago
    where we manufactured our own stuff, and actually had men to defend our
    country. If you put our generation today back in the 40’s against the
    Nazi’s there’d be no one here to debate gay marriage.

  29. 1) obama SO fudged on that one…. 2) religious arguments are completely
    irrelevant to the issue and shouldn’t even be heard

  30. so, if edwards made an intellectual separation between “marriage” and civil
    unions between blacks and whites, would that not make him a racists. get a
    grip aeu05178

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