25 Comments on “Evidence: media coverage favors gay rights”

  1. So when gays used to ask for equal time with the religious groups, the
    press stated ‘we only reflect society, not lead it’.
    Now gay issues are in the press, religious groups are criticising the press
    for leading a pro-gay agenda?
    One way or the other, not both.

    Also note, ‘the views of a large liberal cities are being ‘forced’ on
    smaller conservative towns’.
    They don’t have to run the story! Or are those small conservative towns not
    as conservative as you would like to think?

  2. Being gay is not a political issue…it is a human issue! Homosexuals have
    a sexual orientation just like heterosexuals have a sexual orientation.
    Nobody chooses their sexual orientation any more than they choose their
    race, black or white!

  3. Middle one looks gay. Gay people are everywhere now. Something about modern
    liberalism and peoples insecurities manifesting itself.

  4. The media does social ‘experiments’ like the ABC show, “What Would You
    Do”. They will create situations and then shame people who do not stand up
    for the ‘victims’ in each case. 

  5. Geez, last time I knew everyone, in America, at least was given equal
    rights to exist peacefully without discrimination. Since when has this

  6. No one choose their orientation. And no one can easily change their
    orientation, even though some gay people marry girls they don’t like. They
    just pretend to love a girl for avoiding prejudice. Orientation may change
    on someone occassionly without attention. But the possibility is very low.
    For most people, their orientation wouldn’t change all their lifetime. If
    you intentionaly try to change your orientation, you may never change it
    all your life.

  7. Be thankful, Gay’s brought us aides. When they where told they where
    spreading aides. They said fuck you, and spread it around the world,
    destroying and killing millions. Biggest trophy for gays is a young boy.
    Gay is a sickness, and has no rights.

  8. You are a homo. It is not news. No one ever cared. Most people just want
    you to shut up about it and stay out of their church. Is this a problem
    for you?

  9. Evidence: CNN excusing poor quality of news with being pro-gay (the easiest
    minority-rights movement in the history of the Earth). Pretends to have
    impact despite being completely biased, as ratings sliiiide.

  10. CNN ‘tries’ to stay neutral, but has how many gays and liberals as network
    anchors? Just because Wolf is an Israeli war hawk, does not make a

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