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  1. Somewhere down the line in the not so distant future, individuals who wish
    to justify their perversion will claim that they were born with a desire to
    have sex with pigs or goats or worse still children.

    They by then, may have support from some in the scientific community, who
    have discovered a gene that makes them behave in such a way from birth.

    By then also, millions of people who once thought this kind of sexual
    behaviour abhorrent, will have had their minds changed by watching too much
    TV and see countless TV stars “come out” as helpless paedophiles or have an
    attraction to animals from birth.

    God made them this way and we need to include them in our Church
    membership, they are “Christians” and we need to make them feel loved in

    After all who are we to judge ?

    Jesus said do not judge after all didn’t He ?

    Sadly, this is not fiction, watch this space…..

  2. I’m so happy you have spoken out about being gay.
    Vicky you are an inspiration to gay people in the church of god all over
    the world 

  3. I have not heard a peep from American Christianiy concerning Vicky so I
    doubt they are bullying her Christians have many issues but I doubt Vicky
    ‘s coming out is a threat to them. Otherwise they would be more articles
    etc; from the Christian Right or and from the Bible Belt

  4. She is going to hell and she will burn there if she does no repent. No
    mater what you call ,it is sin and how can she sing to a God that she even
    do not know. 

  5. Pity Vicky is not as willing to let other people speak as she is

    The thing about homosexuality in Uganda is similar to the tragedy of Ebola
    at the moment. If you ask people should ebola, which is passed on by human
    contact, be treated, they say absolutely. But if you ask gay-friendly
    people, should HIV be treated by having laws to stop person-to-person
    contact – similar to ebola – they say no, it’s outrageous people can’t be
    homosexual. They forget the West has medicines and a healthcare system able
    to cope with HIV. Shame on the UK press for saying the Reverend drafted a
    law including the death penalty which he categorically denied. This show
    the true opposition Christians face. But I support the right for people to
    be with whoever as long as they don’t display their sexuality in public.

  6. It’s not about you child of the devil but Jesus is not the bible that you
    must conform to the word but your

  7. God loves her too, yes, but what she claims is rebellious and is not
    Biblically supported; she should leave the church, yes; using the name of
    Jesus and making money out of it is compromising His holy name; living this
    way is a life indeed, but in the old fleshly nature; the Pastor is right,
    in the new nature, when you are being born again from the Spirit, there are
    very strict family life rules;

  8. When you place LAW before LOVE you have misunderstood the teachings of
    christ. You rally against this girl, because of misunderstanding. Like much
    of Christianity and religions in general. Humanity has misunderstood,
    misinterpreted and manipulated the masses. Whether you agree or disagree
    with the Lesbian or Gay lifestyle, it matters little. What matters is
    wether you LOVE. You might say, I love her, but not the lifestyle. That is
    simply a cop out to deflect away the obvious fact that you are placing law
    before love. Do you remember what Christ said to those teachers of the law?
    He called them White Washed Walls. If you place LAW before LOVE you are
    exactly the type of people Jesus would have said this to. Love Vicky, she
    is first and foremost a person with feelings. What she did was an
    incredibly courageous thing to do. You might say, well God doesn’t like it.
    Well my friend, I would say this… is God stopping it? I don’t see any
    deity stepping in to stop it. The only ones moaning about it are PEOPLE who
    have misunderstood scripture. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE prevails. That is all that
    matters. Well done Vicky Beeching! God Loves you!

  9. The Scriptures are very clear about homosexuality. What does it say? It’s
    so clear. God says what He means and He means what He says. 

  10. This “Rev.” Scott Lively is an ignorant man. I am a Christian myself and he
    goes about this in every way wrong. 

  11. I have a deliverance ministry and what Vicky has is a demonic spirit of
    homosexuality. She needs deliverance, point blank. The devil is a master
    deceiver. There is a spiritual battle that no one sees. Everyone that is
    not born again cannot and will not understand this, so don’t bother in
    convincing a lost world. Let the Holy Spirit do the convincing. I pray that
    God delivers all homosexuals before judgment day, in the name of Jesus
    Christ of Nazareth, amen!

  12. where are we going we this? a donde iremos con esto? sodoma y gomorra..una
    cristiana es lesbiana y quiere cambiar la iglesia…

  13. this will never in the world will be a probe by God and she knows that ,
    this is not about “theology” that she have regarding with this … Theology
    means the study about God and when we are going about this that means that
    we are believing in what Gods said.. and GOD will never aprobe this
    position …God is holy and that s it …She knows that is a Sin…. 

  14. Seems fairly obvious that Lively is himself a repressed homosexual, which
    perhaps goes a long way to explaining why he is completely *obsessed* with
    gay sex. 

  15. Creation Scientists would say that evolutionary scientists are wrong, based
    on their research, not based solely upon theology. Many people have put the
    gay lifestyle behind them, just as drug addicts have overcome drug
    addiction and alcoholics have overcome their propensity to drink alcohol.
    Homosexuality is an aberration of the norm and needs to be recognized as
    such. She can say that she loves the Bible all she wants to, but until she
    acknowledges that the Bible condemns any sexual activity outside of
    heterosexual marriage, I won’t believe she loves the Bible. I believe she
    is so in love with her sin that she cannot acknowledge the truth contained
    in it. She has believed evolutionary science over creation science and has
    been led astray into the error of the wicked. Thank you, Scott, for being
    God’s voice in an age when His truth is not popular. 

  16. God doesn’t change and never will. Homosexuality is clearly stated as a
    sin in the Scriptures, and no one can change that fact. The only thing
    Vicky Beeching can do is repent and turn back to God and obey Him. All
    true Christians will be boycotting her music I never listened to.

  17. I would love to simply ask Mr Evangelical ‘Christian’ to to his continue
    diatribe and take a look at the world around his nose with all the violence
    rape murder and war. If I gave that little twit a button and said “Press
    this and all the gays will disappear in a cloud of smoke”, he would leap to
    press it so we could all live in a utopian world full of intolerant,
    repressed blind fuckwits. Chanting yes we can :-)

  18. A lovely beautiful woman. Shame she is going to burn in hell according to
    Christian asshole bigots

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