21 Comments on “Gay rights activist on Russian Games: “Homophobia is not in the spirit of the Olympics””

  1. homophobia doesn’t exist, it’s a Satan word to push his agenda smooth of
    destroy God’s character, we r not homophobe but care about those
    consequences OF HOMOS: misuse nature; redefine God’s creation; break moral
    law; damage kids moral compass; force people to move from homos devastation
    & infestation areas; destroy the sanctity of marriage; destroy the
    foundation of humanity (man & woman); reduce the cap between rationality &
    irrationality; create & spread diseases; degrade society ..-

  2. LoL Homosexuality is in all seriousness not an athletic topic… U should
    keep your private lives to yourselves and judging others to a minimum.
    Flamboyancy and telling people you’re gay is like telling people u want to
    have sex with them in a sense. I don’t tell people im straight its just not
    a topic my private life is my own… I agree gay “bashing” is bad but so
    are a lot of things we get the picture.

  3. Why don’t they just go to Russia with their complaints ! lol Russia got
    this one right. Stop the gay agenda. They aren’t normal and should not be
    able to brainwash so many into thinking they are !

  4. Btw, it’s the WINTER Olympics, it’s already gay, figure skating males, who
    watches that but gays n women?..

  5. The whole controversy about gays and Russia is a very inflated thing with
    the purpose of smearing Russia for their opposition for the war in Syria.

  6. You my friend just said it all, may GOD bless you for the truth, and may
    you speak it more abundantly.

  7. If you want to find “normal,” go buy a washer and dryer… I’m not even
    going to try to explain the flood of illogic in your comment, because it’ll
    like just go in one ear and out the other…

  8. Do you realize that TERRORISTS have promised to blow up the Olympics? Do
    you want another Boston? You are so single-minded tunnel-visioned about
    Gays this, Gays that, that you miss everything else around you. Jihadists
    Reveal Plans to Attack Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia watch?v=grYUrGOlzpg
    Russian Islamist calls for attacks on Sochi Games watch?v=ZP4N1d4B8_4 Heat
    against Russia is cold war propaganda, the Law was about not targeting
    children. Btw Sochi has a gay community, you morons!

  9. lol. Name calling = the last refuge of someone with no rational argument…

  10. It’s funny, most anti-gay (mostly straight males) focus on 2 men having
    sex, but don’t realize that there are women homosexuals as well… 2 women,
    which many straight guys think is the ultimate fantasy… As a gay male,
    you spend more time worrying about my sex life than I do… and certainly
    more than I worry about yours…

  11. “Flamboyancy and telling people you’re gay is like telling people u want to
    have sex with them in a sense.” Not really, no more than someone telling
    someone they’re straight… if I say I’m gay, that doesn’t mean I want to
    have sex with the person in any way at all. “I don’t tell people im
    straight its just not a topic my private life is my own…” Exactly,
    because it’s the assumed sexuality… people automatically assume everyone
    they meet is straight… so you don’t have to tell people…

  12. What’s funny, is most of this anti-gay stuff is religiously motivated…
    which is funny, since they participate in the Olympics which is to honor
    the Greek god Zeus… yet, so many Christians, etc. participate in it, etc.
    It’s quite comical actually.

  13. You realize heterosexuals (aka straight people) have anal sex too, right?

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