14 Comments on “Gay Rights Speech”

  1. Kennedy I am so grateful that I have a friend like you. Someone who isn’t
    afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Your an inspiration to many
    and I have the such high respect for you…keep fighting the good fight!!!

  2. I came out when I was 9year old and I have watch may vidos on her your
    smart sweetie good job

  3. if there is such thing as a GOD then he would not hate ANYONE… and if
    there is a GOD who does hate gays, then I choose to not believe in that. I
    hate a God who hates anyone. God is LOVE. That’s all. So please do not
    bring your ignorance on my channel. Thanks. It’s not tolerated here.

  4. So I’m gay, I discovered I was gay back in school. I didn’t come out until
    after school, but whenever a bully would call me a queer a teacher wouldn’t
    stop it and if I were to retaliate with say “Shut up” the teacher would
    step in. I’m perfectly happy with my sexuality now, this was a very good
    speech 🙂

  5. No they aren’t… my father is gay and he’s the most inspirational person I

  6. Thank you. This is so powerful. I live in the south where I am kinda of an
    outcast for being gay. I’m going to share this on every social media site I
    have to hopefully open some peoples eyes. Again thank you

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