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  1. Internment camps? But I thought your rights in America were ” GOD ” given
    rights. That’s what Sarah Palin told me. How can GOD given rights be just
    taken away? Especially at the very moment when these people needed them
    most? I’m confused. Can Shawn Hannity or Sarah Palin please enthral me with
    their acumen?

  2. I give this interview a 1,000 thumbs up. So is safe to assume that the
    other Asian Americans were put into concentration camps? Especially during
    that time when you could say every slur there is.

  3. I doubt the pay will hurt our congressmen, they get some much money
    otherwise it is rediclous, not even a drop in the bucket to them.

  4. Anna did so well. I think I would be a bit starstruck talking to George
    Takei, and I’m not even into celebrity culture.

  5. They could make a 3-hour movie with nothing but a conversation between
    George Takei and Morgan Freeman and I’d love it.

  6. Awesome Interview and Ana it was nice seeing you take on this role of
    interviewer especially with such an iconic figure. Good stuff both of

  7. George Takei is a personal hero of mine, and thats saying alot consider I’m
    a Star Wars head. lol

  8. their pocket books are corporate sponsored so it ain’t gonna hurt their
    income since their income is from corporations!

  9. +George Takei interviewed by +Ana Kasparian
    I have a lot of respect for George

    +The Young Turks #Activisim #SocialActivism #PoliticalActivism 

  10. George Takei is known for his groundbreaking role at Hikaru Sulu in Star
    Trek: The Original Series. He tells Ana Kasparian about his childhood in a
    Japanese internment camp, marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for civil
    rights, being gay in Hollywood, and how his unique experiences helped form
    his career as a political activist. What was the breaking point that
    emboldened George to come out of the closet? What did the marginalization
    of Japanese Americans teach him about the plight of all Americans? George
    Takei explains all this and more in this special interview.

  11. The four greatest voices of our time are as follows: Morgan Freeman George
    Takei James Earl Jones Bryan Cranston Any one of those people would be
    great for narrating one’s life

  12. TROLL … and not even a good one. Couldn’t come up with anything
    imaginative. Same old crap. You really need to sharpen your Troll skill,
    maybe take a class or something, because you are really at the bottom of
    your game. Though perhaps on the Bottom is how you like it.

  13. As a fair minded, straight liberal guy from northern Europe, I thank people
    like you for having the guts to be the voice of reason. It’s one thing for
    people like me, who are surrounded mostly by likeminded people to proclaim
    equality – the truly brave are those who can speak their mind even in the
    face of opposition. My hat’s off to you, sir. And indeed, Takei is god damn

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