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  1. You don’t see the impact of traditional marriage because it doesn’t fit
    your agenda. Are you claiming that societies are benefitted more by single
    parents than by two-parent families? Wow, way to pull that out of the air.
    This isn’t historical. What is historical is how notoriously short and
    disturbed homosexual relationships are. This isn’t conducive to raising

  2. Oh I see… I’m the one that’s lying even though I never said same sex
    marriages have improved society. In fact I’ve held the stance that the type
    of marriage has no impact and instead it involves the household atmosphere.
    Studies, and history, support this stance. It’s nice to see your bias
    finally come through though.

  3. and anyway, all of your “assumptions” about the Church of Jesus christ of
    later day saints (it’s proper name) are not even true. your the ignorant

  4. Stewart, you are right about DNA being inconclusive in these areas, which
    is a fatal problem with DNA being used to disprove the LDS Church.
    Structuring a study of this is very complex, especially since Lehi only
    mentions that he was a descendant of Manassah. Minor attempts to link
    Native Americans with Cohan Priests using DNA have generally failed so far,
    and this is the sole claim used by detractors in saying that DNA has
    disproved church doctrine. It’s based on false DNA analysis.

  5. And now you resort to bigotry in order to decry perceived bigotry? That’s
    called hypocrisy. America was founded by Christians upon the principles of
    Christianity, and Christianity has a problem with homosexuality. It also
    has a problem with adultery, but adulterers could also claim that they are
    just giving in to natural feelings that they were born with. In any case,
    parents and marriage partners need to be held to the highest standards.

  6. Frankly, LDS is the only Christian faith that makes sense. At least yall
    try to live in a Christ-like manner. I’ve been married to a Latter Day
    Saint for 10 years and her church has been nothing but supportive. The myth
    that they will try to break up mixed religion couples is a lie.

  7. What’s sacred anymore? God is dead and it’s sad to see people try and
    defend it. Fuck gay rights, black rights, mexican rights, white rights,
    women’s rights; Let’s have human rights. Case closed.

  8. Faire enough. Does that mean I can perform my satanic rituals of the five
    elements in a park surrounded by children? If they rave at me, can I claim
    to be a victim of bigoted hate? I believe the afterlife is meant for those
    who prevent others from claiming superiority of humanity. My practices
    include stangling priests. Don’thate me for practicing my faith. How can I
    go to Heaven unless I kill these priests?

  9. “Same sex marriage has been documented throughout recorded history.” Oh
    really, well please provide some citations and sources on this then. This
    will be quite a revelation to everyone. Tell us, which societies have
    legalized same-sex marriage throughout recorded history?

  10. yeah thats all America needs..a piss ass mormon 4 a president.i cant even
    imagin how many children would be at the white house everyday.F U MORMONS.

  11. No difference between gay and straight relationships? Not true by any
    stretch. Gay relationships and lifestyles are diametrically opposed to
    traditional marriages in many areas. For example, gays are much more prone
    to being perpetraters and victims of domestic violence. Monogamy is also
    extremely rare in their relationships. Check out the studies before just
    blindly throwing misleading information, ok? These facts ought to be
    considered in evaluating gay marriage & adoption.

  12. Stewart, you’re showing a lot of ignorance with this distorted slander.
    Mormons offer people of all races and ethnic origins all the benefits and
    blessings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, including the higher
    Priesthood and the ordinances of the Temple. Their underwear isn’t “magic”,
    they dedicate themselves to serving God and wear this as one symbol of
    their dedication. Their blessings come through the atonement of Christ.

  13. “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” this is a Christian nation. 892
    Holy Trinity v. United States Supreme Court decision. This is to protect
    Church or Religion from the Government, NOT visa versa.

  14. All men are created equal…..EXCEPT HOMO’S??? Which by the way is the sign
    that I held at the latest LGBT rally in Ohio! And I was proud to be there!

  15. You don’t see the impact of traditional marriage on society? Wow, I suppose
    you think state sponsored orphanages are the way to go in raising children,
    and that prostitution is the answer to sexual fulfillment. You are so far
    gone that you can’t admit the obvious truth.

  16. @JohnnyPolitico Do you have details of the “sorted (sic) behavior that goes
    on in the gay community”?

  17. What part of the word EQUALITY is so offensive to some people? Why is it so
    important to keep discrimination alive and well? There are no reasons for
    hate, only excuses. The future has no place for hate. Equality is coming.
    Live with it. Then live and let live. Stop looking for people to look down
    upon. Getting along is a natural instinct, not getting along is a learned
    behavior, and it’s of no benefit at all. Stop teaching hate, then coming
    generations have fewer problems to face!

  18. So you can’t support this country but expect the country to support your
    desire to legalize gay marriage? Interesting. Legitimizing gay livestyles
    is not something that needs to be forced on us. In fact, if you knew all of
    the sorted behavior that goes on in the gay community and is “accepted” by
    them, you might be suprised and disgusted. Why is it that gays will
    condone, accept, justify, and support any and all behavior from their
    groups? If we did that we’d also have a huge credibility gap.

  19. Homosexuals are just fighting for their Equal rights. its not up to
    christians to decied that, church in state shouldnt be one in the same.
    thats how corruption forms, if Homosexuals can get married. so what ? no
    big deal. they arent going to effect ur chances in getting into heaven. all
    i can say is that tha goverment needs to butt out and u christian freaks
    need to mind ur own business

  20. Ponyboy, believe it or not even Satanism is an established religion. In
    1969 Anton LeVey set up the First Church of Satan in San Diego, Cal. And
    yes, to a point we have to allow them to worship how they choose. Practices
    that go contrary to laws established to protect others are the exception.
    So, no, your extreme (and unreasonable) example of strangling priests, etc,
    wouldn’t be allowed. Want to try a more rational and direct route to make
    your point?

  21. “Google it, it’s not hard to find” If it’s not hard to find, then you must
    be extremely remiss in not being able to back this up. It’s your claim, but
    you can’t back it up, can you? I’m well aware that polygamy has been
    approved over the ages, but not same-sex marriage. This would be extremely

  22. “Traditional marriage has been proven to benefit societies” How so? It’s no
    more beneficial than any other form of marriage and I doubt it has any real
    impact on society as a whole. Some of the most enlightened times in history
    have had legal polygamy and same sex marriage so I don’t see how you can
    say traditional marriage is more beneficial. I don’t know of any societies
    that crumbled because of homosexual marriage. Your comments don’t add up.

  23. I did your wikipedia search and found the topic called “History of same-sex
    unions”. It is very weak and only notes sparse examples of this. It
    certainly doesn’t support your claim that same-sex marriage was beneficial
    in any meaningful way. It also notes that this practice was frowned upon by
    Christian and Islamic based societies which have been dominant throughout
    much the world for the past 2000 years. Romney’s opinion on the matter is
    being reinforced much better than yours.

  24. Equality only applies to minorities, gays, and other groups that try to
    upset the social order!

  25. Absolutely. Google “gay bathhouses” for a start. these are sex-on-site
    establishments that have no redeeming value for a society. The idea that
    “what gays do in the privacy of their bedrooms” is a joke. Gays want public
    acceptance of their not-so-private practices, and this is what their push
    for marriage is all about.

  26. People are being ignorant. Falsely accusing everyone of the Mormon religion
    of hating other religions proves to be hate itself. You’re just
    contradicting yourself.

  27. Mr. President to be keep up the good work. Let them know more of what you
    are about and what you have accomplished. Be positive. I have Vote for Mitt
    Romney on all of my sites and today I will post your sign in my store
    window. I can’t wait to get my buttons to wear.

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