38 Comments on “Hilarious Gay Marriage Speech by NZ MP”

  1. This is a current worldwide topic ….I’m not particularly political but
    firmly believe in equality ! I wish there were more politcians as open
    minded as this guy !!
    #Same-sex marriage

  2. The wrong thing about accepting LBGT is that after that you have to accept
    zoophiles, polygamists, incestophiles, pedophiles and other perverts and
    grant them also marriage rights. Otherwise it’s double standards.

  3. If you’re still using the word faggot to discriminate against gays then
    atleast spell the fucking word correctly.

  4. A witty, jovial, intelligent, eloquent and honest speech. To all the people
    on this video spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories, can you shut up and
    enjoy this lovely moment?

  5. Gays don’t respect the sanctity and propriety of marriage as a basic social
    institution of a Man and a Woman having natural normal human sex, pro
    creation and raising of children to become good citizens and ensure the
    continuity of society.

    For Gays marriage is just a recognition of two people of the same sex who
    cannot have normal natural intercourse and can only fornicate in subhuman
    ways. Who don’t believe that no children deserved to be deprived of their
    natural parents, that no Two Men or Two Women can match the real parenthood
    of a true Father and Mother,

    Normal decent people are entitled to preserve and protect the institution
    of marriage that they built for hundreds of years of sifting through human
    choices and discarding those that are inconsistent with natural law and
    human standard behavior like incest, polygamy, pedophilia and homosexuality

    Gays already have their own partnership and unions with full benefit. No
    need to redefine and destroy the propriety of marriage just to accommodate

  6. Heisenberg. Looks to me like you stole a speech out of ‘8’. Better check
    with Dustin Lance Black to see if you owe him royalties.

  7. should polygamy/polyandry be legalized too?
    Whats wrong if more than two consensual adults want to marry each other.
    If you are against this type of marriage, then you are a hypocritical piece
    of shit. 

  8. To all dear gays, sorry buttfuckers, and brain dead atheists . The Bible is
    a fucking joke ? Right turd stabbers, have you looked at the situation in
    the USA ? No? Well comrade , the banks are about to collapse and close
    maybe, the police have bought 2700 MRAPs , military vehicles cost
    $600,000.00 each . The Homeland Security has ordered 405 million rounds of
    ammunition . Armagaden is close, if the banks stop, no money no food..
    Riots ,brother against brother. Didn’t the Bible say so ? I hope that a way
    will be found , otherwise end of our world . Pray it will be not so .

  9. Key components of the bible were plagarised from the ancient Egyptian
    religion: the virgin birth on 25th Dec, the star in the east, the three
    kings/wise men, Jesus’ execution and resurrection 3 days later… all of it
    comes from the cult of Horus thousands of years earlier.
    Jesus probably didn’t even exist – invented by the Romans to control the
    naieve local population of goat herders lol.

  10. Not lynched, but certainly pilloried, and not without good reason. What he
    is saying boils down to the old liberal slogan “If it feels good, do it.”
    that produced a generation of drug addicts.

  11. If liberals have no right to sneer at conservatives, then conservaties
    should have no right to sneer at liberals and as for marriage, why can’t it
    be redefined (within reason, lets leave inanimate objects and animals out
    of the deal)? The whole concept is entierly artificial so why can’t it be
    changed as time moves onward? Honestly, in your day-to-day life how would
    gay marriage affect you personally? I’m guessing it wouldn’t in the

  12. Are you having fun commenting with your retarded comments? Careful, you’re
    sounding American.

  13. The only explanation to such ignorant comment is that you are an
    uncultural, insecure, ignorant type of a person and possibly live your life
    by a book that someone wrote a few centuries ago… How can you forbbid the
    act of love someone?! Because when you think of “Homosexual acts” your
    dirty mind is thinking of the possible sex activities… No homosexual
    thinks about how you lead your sex life, you Mooron! Read books, Travel,
    Meet people and MAKE SOME FRIENDS. I feel pitty…

  14. What’s wrong with it? WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT?! What an incredibly stupid
    question! I will tell you what is so wrong with it, sir. If you grant basic
    rights to ALL people, regardless of sexual orientation, it removes the
    rights of others to oppress people based on their sexual orientation.
    That’s a big problem if you’re a bigot!

  15. Honestly guys don’t defend gays unless in person debates on YouTube never
    come to an end so there’s really no point in Gay and it’s not MY problem if
    you don’t like it. I’m happy. Are you? 😉

  16. Your comments show a notable contempt for other cultures. Are you also a
    racist ?

  17. Going after strange flesh fornication is not being satisfied with what you
    have. They did not respect the wife of another either willing to war to get
    what they wanted. That sinned against their body sinning against others
    outside of their body. The Sodomite were hopelessly violent. Lots sons were
    married to women. That is not gay. The sons could gave had many wives but
    they wanted what others had never satisfied. Even in nature you will see
    scuffles battles wars being fought because of that.

  18. “Adj. 1. fundamentalistic – of or relating to or tending toward
    fundamentalism” – thefreedictionary[dot]com And that second sentence of
    yours was so stupid I’ve gone cross-eyed. Well done,

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