36 Comments on “Hillary Clinton For President of Lesbians 2016”

  1. She got my vote when she said she adopted 26 cats & 3 were transgendered!!!
    What an amazing woman!!!

  2. Love it, especially the awesome hair. But no tennis?????? What kind of
    lesbian are you?! About time the US had a female Prez.

  3. If i can vote for her i would. The woman is only asking for 4 years.
    America has been under a man’s constitution for 284 years. For once, Give
    her a chance. I think it’s a sense of relief to hear Hillary’s voice
    standing on a podium in a circle full of men. Like it’s also good to hear
    what a man can say in a table full of chattering women.

    I love america. I love the beautiful architecture in your cities. I love
    the broad range between cultures and the intermingling. I love the artistic
    souls that your country can produce. It’s like each person has somewhere to
    belong in. Compared to many countries, America is very welcoming to
    everyone (just as long as you don’t plant bombs and kill innocent lives in
    a marathon). America is charming but you don’t have balance in your
    government. Way too much testosterone, too much…..
    American government and any kind of government always needs that motherly
    love and advice.

  4. Hillary will win the 2016 election because she is a highly skilled liar,
    Queen of deception and has the full backing and support by the liberal
    propaganda coalition also know as the media.

    Although Hillary has no known accomplishments to her credit, single women,
    liberals and the black community will vote for her to the tune of 90+
    Percent. The reasons for this are clear. For the most part single women
    don’t care that Hillary holds the same fiscally destructive beliefs as
    Obama or that she has been involved in very serious scandals such as
    Benghazi, where four Americans were slaughtered, Her email scandal where
    she secretly created a personal server and never used the government server
    as required by law and then erased 3/4 of the emails and then destroyed the
    server (nothing fishy about that). Hillary is also a strong supporter of
    and accepts donations from Middle Eastern countries that execute women who
    are raped, forbid women to go to school and perform female genital
    mutilation, so of course single women believe she is a champion for women’s
    rights. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Hillary Clinton will mock and patronize women and make sure that single
    women understand that by virtue of the fact that she is a woman she
    deserves to be President. She will continue to offer programs from the
    destructive liberal playbook that have virtually wiped out the black
    community who are too addicted to free junk to fight back and simply vote
    for whoever continues the gravy train.

    In short, Hillary Clinton will win because the incredibly ignorant and the
    parasitically lazy voters outnumber hard working and intelligent Americans.

    It will be the darkened dawn of the Hillary Clinton empire and another
    dreary 8-years of darkness, cold joblessness, low moral, finger pointing
    scandals and America being the laughingstock of the world.

    But she is a woman so HILLARY IN 2016 !!!!


  6. Wow you Americans really have soon great asshole to choice from on the
    right have nutjobs who want start WW3 with Iran and the left moderate
    warmongering nutjobs Mrs.C support war in destroying the country and made
    it a terrorist stronghold

  7. #benghazi I’m sorry, I’m not voting for a bad politician because she has a
    vagina. I’d much rather vote for someone who hasn’t let four Americans die
    and who has actual plans for office, not just “women empowerment.” Where
    are the issues that she is fighting and where does she stand on them? Don’t
    hate me because of this thought provoked comment. There are other Liberals
    who would do much better than her

  8. “I’ve adopted 26 cats. Three of those being transgender”

    ROFL!!! Love it!!!!

  9. Can cats be transgender? Do they have enough sense of self to know if their
    gender identity is not their body? This has blown my fucking mind

  10. PUKE! BARF! GAG! These are words that come to mind while thinking of
    Hillary Clinton. She let those men die in Benghazi and afterwards said
    “what difference does it make?” and she wiped her server clean so the
    public would not know the crazy things she did in the State Department.
    Could you imagine all the tired old scandals America would have to endure
    if she were to become president? It would be something like Bill’s semen
    stained blue dress about every month. Let us spare ourselves the misery of
    4 years of Hillary scandal and essentially a third disastrous Obama term,
    and vote for a Republican this time.

  11. I do not care if she sleepes with Huma.
    I care if I trust her for the Job, and I do not….

  12. Man or Woman,for or against LGBT,has two email accounts,put all that in the
    back of your mind and “Vote for who offers more for Americans!”

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