42 Comments on “Iron Man Project Announced By Obama?”

  1. yeah the talos suit will be fully operable with integrated Fus Ro Dah
    mechanisms. only weakness: vulnerable in the knee region.

  2. Except for the energy weapons and flight capabilities, an “Ironman” suit is
    absolutely possible – it’ll just take a bit of time…

  3. there is one side of propaganda everyone is missing. Recruitment. How many
    young boys out there right now would not love to be Iron Man in real life.

  4. I bet Marvel/Disney is making royalties for the Iron Man Project.

    On a more serious note, instead of building a Mark-II suit appropriately
    called War Machine for humanity’s self-destruction, I rather use the money
    to improve the lives of my fellow humans (read: elimination of fluoride and
    artificial estrogen in the American water supply, for starters), instead of
    seeing my own tax dollars getting wasted on weaponry I won’t get to use,
    per say, PROTON CANNON!

    In addition, seriously, it’s like this is being made for World War III.

  5. That is fucking awesome, holy shit!!! I’d want to join the military if I
    could use something like that, damn!!

  6. I can only imagaine what modern day war movies are going to look like in 50

  7. We are STEEL! We are DOOM! We march for Macragge! And we shall know no fear!
    Space Marines MotherFucker!

  8. We’re working on Halo, next project, Robocop, THEN Iron Man when we’ve
    worked out the flying things

  9. This is all fine and dandy, but will it ship running the latest version of
    Android and will I be able to share my anti-terror exploits directly to

  10. these would be good for our soldiers, but I hope they won’t have a chance
    to use them

  11. I believe “this will end all wars” was said about nuclear weapons. Didn’t
    take too long for everyone and their grandma to get one, did it? Also this
    could be like effective medicine to cure AIDS, who the fuck wants it cured
    in a few months when you can make so much more money selling drugs that
    simply support life for years.

  12. The fuck is so funny Obama , yet another military driven technology you
    rich fucks can use against the humans still left on this planet? FUCK YOU
    you fucking terrorist… JFK is turning over in his grave you puppet FUCK. 

  13. Dumb fucking government and scientists have been playing to many video
    games ….. this shit wont work …. talibans will just start placing mines
    under doors n shit. What a way of spending funds.

  14. A toned down fork of this project could be actually even used for the

    Wait hear me out, I know about all the police brutaliy and stuff, but I
    think something like this could reduce this.

    Imagine a version of this with only the bullet proof and defensive
    capabilities but no integrated weapon or nothing like that.
    Of course not every officer would have this, because it would be retardedly
    expensive to produce them in massive numbers but special agents could have
    I think it would not only make for a safer work envoirment for the officer
    and more effectivness it could also decrease police brutality and
    misunderstandings and all that.
    A officer wearing something like this could just put himself in harms way
    and never have a reason to shoot first or fear for his safety so could work
    with a much cooler head.

    I think this would be a much better use for this than war.
    And not only because war is bad, duh, even if you want things for war you
    already got airstrikes and drones and artillery, I dont really see much
    point for this except tactical operations maybe.

  15. This seems a bit more like SPARTANs than Iron Man. Especially if they start
    off with only a select few and in the Navy.

  16. Because that’s exactly what the US military needs: an easier way to kill
    foreigners without consequences. Thanks, Obama.

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