Jan 16 “MLK Gay Rights Movement”

Be a part of an effort to make change: http://kck.st/zUspXy Watch my video “The Gay Rights Movement”: http://youtu.be/u62OtM_vt5k QUESTION: What do you think…

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  1. Ryan you are my hero i just hope that someday i can be like you and help
    with the movemennt but im to scared to do it right now as i live in the
    most homophobic part of misssouri. I sometimes regret coming out to my
    family they seem supportive but thier not

  2. I loved the video Ryan! It brought tears in my eyes because I live in a
    small town and there is a lot of hate here. You are an inspiration to me!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. it made me tear up, and actually sent shivers down my spine. you’re an
    insiration to everyone <3

  4. Send that video to ellen ryan! she will show it on your show and possibly
    have you on to promote it!!! and it would be an added bonus if she knew
    someone who would be willing to contribute to the cause!

  5. the video gave me goosebumps. Everyone needs to watch it and think about
    how messed up our society is.

  6. I loved the video. It almost had me in tears. I just hate how gays are
    treated. I’m glad you’re doing so well, I heard you’ve gone over the goal
    that you wanted, and that Ellen tweeted your video(: You’re doing a really
    good job with this. <3.

  7. Your video was amazing and powerful Ryan. So glad i have donated to support
    you with this.

  8. YOU DID IT RYAN!! YOU REACHED YOUR GOAL!! im so excited and proud for
    you!!!! i cant wait for the documentary.

  9. Your video absolutely moved me, it helped me realize how badly gays have
    been treated. From now on every part of me is for gay rights! You did a
    wonderful job and i am sure that you will raise your money in no time 😉
    you have my blessing 🙂

  10. Well, I cried. You did so well! You..There are no words to describe the
    video, wonderful/brilliant/awesome/inspiring all of them and so much more!
    It was absolutely beautiful! <3

  11. A little late but I just watched your vid. And I cried, practically the
    entire time. You’re a beautiful person Ryan. Inside and out. Good luck with
    the documentary. I see nothing but bright things in your future. 😀

  12. Hey Ryan. I’m a starving college student and i can only pledge $2 so I did
    so anyway. Hopefully A little more will be on the way.

  13. Omg Ryan i love your video so much it made me cry and look at what this
    world has come too. You can change the minds of many with this documentary
    even if its one mind or one life you have helped or saved you are amazing
    and you are not a second class citizen in my eyes or my heart. I love and
    will support all the way!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  14. Ryan, When I saw this video on monday night, I cried and I got more
    strength to fight for Equality. For once, I found a video that I can show
    my children and explain that this is why mommy takes them to rallies and
    marches. The inspiration you got 2 years ago has now spread and given me an
    inspiration of continuing to stand strong! Thank you Ryan for this video
    that has given me a lot of faith on myself to continue to keep moving
    forward! Jackie, and I am an Ally…

  15. Dang, was that you who made that video, it’s spreading like wildfire on

  16. You’re video literally brought me to tears. I had goosebumps through the
    whole thing. It was very inspiring and I wish I had the money to donate to
    your documentary.

  17. Fuck off Not one race or religion has ever had a history of violence no
    where near in comparison to gay rights. So Shut the fuck up.

  18. Ryan you’re a truly amazing person. there’s obviously a reason you where
    put on this earth, and that’s to change it. and BOY YOUR DOING IT! You
    being born is the best thing that could have happened.

  19. Rock on Ryan. “Your Gay Rights Movement” video made me choke up so Bad. I
    hope to God you get to meet your Goal.

  20. ryan you are an absolute inspiration. for the sake of the gay community
    both in america and internationally, i sincerely hope you can get this made
    and change the appalling discrimination that exists. all our love and
    wishes for your success. good luck from australia. 🙂

  21. You NEED,absolutely NEED to send the video to Ellen! It made me cry.and
    it’ll probably make her cry as well :’)

  22. I saw your video on tumblr and i had no idea it was you. I was blown away.
    You deserve an award. You are amazing!

  23. your video made me cry for like 15 mins and im 18 and living in the
    republic of ireland

  24. Thank you so much, Ryan. I gained more confidence watching your video, you
    did a fantastic job on it. Your efforts will pay off, you’ll see. That
    documentary will happen! <3

  25. You did a really good job on that video. I really loved the Ellen clips and
    I thought it was very well put together. I really hope you can make your
    documentary Ryan, love is love period. Marriage/love knows no race, color,
    or gender. My senior year of high school in English class we had to pick a
    modern problem to do research on and present it to the class and I did
    same-sex marriage, I have gay people in my family and I support them, if
    they want to marry they should be able to.

  26. I think you should try to contact gay, and gay friendly, celebs to get
    their support on this project. If you can get the backing of someone like
    Ellen or Rosie it would be huge for you and your pursuits.

  27. Fucking Love you RYAN! You’re an inspiration!!! Keep on doing what you do,
    because you’re making a difference.

  28. i watched your video, and it made me cry. I would help you with raising the
    money if I had money at the moment…however I am striving to get by. I
    just wanted to say I am supporting you 100% and I posted it on my FB and I
    can’t wait to show my friends and family. Good job, I’m proud of you for
    all the time effort and energy that went into this, it’s beautiful and one
    of a kind

  29. Wholy shit Ryan!!!u reached 50,000$!!!!!!i am so ready for your
    documentary, wen yr famous ill kniw i was one of ur first and most devoted
    follwers, with u from the start. Youve inspured me. :)….Goodluck!!

  30. Wow, just checked the site and you have rasied $79,035 already. At this
    rate you will have enough to prouce more productions. Well done.

  31. The video made me cry. Not like body shaking sobbing, but it resonated with
    me. I’m 15 and I had no idea who Harvey Milk was and I went and read his
    wikipedia page because of your video. You are an exemplary human being, one
    of my role models, and I’m with you all the way.

  32. Ryan i just want to say im absolutely so happy that you have made your
    pledge amount… i know this documentary is a success and when it comes out
    i would love to try and get my school to show it… There is so much
    discrimination going on at my school and if i could get them to show it
    then that would be the greatest thing in the world. it would help all of my
    friends and everything because we all are gay and we love who we are and we
    are so happy for you…. Good luck. [email protected]

  33. hun as much as I look up to you, as much as this video will mean to me,
    (haven’t watched it yet I know I’m terrible) as much as this will be needed
    it’s just not the time. Your government, and mine don’t really have the
    time or money to be passing laws (that are needed), but I just think that
    there are more pressing issues that need to be resolved before our problems
    can be taken care of. Besides im sure you are allowed to come come up here
    to Canada and get married even tho thats just one issue

  34. Ryan you can do it! The light shining inside you, is warm, and true. Let
    your light shine!

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