5 Comments on “Jim Newberry thinks being gay should be a crime”

  1. just because a racist or prejudice person tells you under pressure they are
    sorry does NOT make them sorry not does it mean we should forgive and
    forget! some people deserve to loose their high status and position in
    society if they show hate and discrimination like he just did in this

  2. @thenormalyears excellent question. This debate was in 1998. When he ran
    for mayor in 2006, he was asked about what he said in this video by the
    Herald Leader, and he said that he stood by everything he said. To this
    day, he has not said anything about regretting what he said in this video
    or that he has changed his mind.

  3. @cubswin39 Ok I have officially changed my mind and will vote for someone
    else. Thank you for this.

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