8 Comments on “Joe Biden on gay rights”

  1. Wow! Lots of anger there! It’s kind of crazy of you to rant about McCain
    and Biden eight months after I posted this video… Go back to 2008 when
    your comment might have been somewhat relevant to something! 😉

  2. lovergirl–i’m sure you are a lot more shallow and obtuse than you seem on
    the internet. lame. human rights or cosmetic dentistry options..sad shallow
    person. *yawn*

  3. it’s really really sad to me that the “progressive” democratic party, of
    which i am a member is so very remedial when it comes to G&L rights. boo.
    sadly, the republican party is worse at this point. suck or suckier, that
    is the question.

  4. @sluttybog I was ready to die for my country untill I relized my country
    did not care if faggots died. Yeah I know it sounds kind of radicle and not
    well thought out but let me help yup understand I was kicked out of the Air
    Force in the 80’s as my country was letting gay men die right and left. GOT
    IT! You have no idea what’s it’s like and you can’t understand it. I am
    also half Native American 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Apache. HOW DO YOU THINK I

  5. How the fuck would Joe Biden know shit about the military other than the
    completely safe visits he made in Iraq under heavy military protection? He
    is just another pathetic loser politician who received five student draft
    deferments during Vietnam and then got out of the draft by claiming
    childhood asthma. I am not a McCain fan but at least he is a real man
    compared to this pussy ass bitch! No wonder he supports gay agendas and
    gays like him.

  6. Only a bunch of pansys history is full of many thugs and your stereo types
    do not fit well with it!

  7. @sluttybog you know nothing of gay history if you think all gay men are a
    Pansy! How would you like Alexander the great to run up on you? How about
    those it was the S.A. In Nazi Germany that brought Hitler into power and
    gay rights were very much on the table under NAZI leadership until the
    Night of the Long Knives. The S.A. Was under gay leadership, And no I don’t
    support Hitler! The point is simple you are sadly mistaken of you think gay
    men are on

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