18 Comments on “Lady Gaga gay rights rally.mp4”

  1. A few things, 1. It doesn’t matter whether she is Homosexual or Bisexual.
    2. There are more important matters to discuss. 3. You are the stupid one
    to speak for everyone. 🙂

  2. @vechorik Well if I was gay or a lesbian I would say to hell with a country
    that is not letting me get married. How does it affect Straight people?
    what you see two guys or girls making out on the side of the street. I am
    pretty sure when they see it from straight people it makes them feel the
    same way you feel when you see them, well maybe not the same. Atleast yours
    is not taboo… Unless you are a homosexual as well. I don’t know…

  3. Our fucking laws revolve around christian beliefs, when christianity is NOT
    the only religion and we need to accept that everyone is different.
    christianity is just the richest religion

  4. No she’s not gay.. would it matter if she was? Sheesh, people these days.
    What does it matter who she is sleeping with?

  5. I’m female, but if you want to pray for cocks, then be my guest. I will add
    you to my prayer list.

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