17 Comments on “Lady Gaga sings for gay rights in Rome”

  1. @ soulburner305 Have you ever thought that perhaps non- heterosexual people
    are exactly the same as you, only have different sex preferences? Have you
    ever thought that your shallow thoughts slice people? You dont think, you
    only talk! And to the rest of the humane and accepting world your words are
    nothing but bullshit

  2. Who are any one of you to say whos going to hell WHO ARE YOU GOD HIMSELF
    NO! We all deserve to go to hell! Now the bible does say that the sexually
    emoral are going to hell. But who is to define Sexually emoral. You have no
    rights saying anyone is going to hell. The bible says that WHO SO EVER
    shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved and shall not perish. It
    doesn’t say if straight people call on the lord, It says whoso ever. Dont
    play God Because in the end God plays you!

  3. Your going to he’ll to mate thou shall not judge you just did it. Have you
    eaten shell fish befor or had sex with a girl on her period. The lost goes
    on mate the truth is you use this in a argument without any facts.

  4. I fucking hate lady gaga. I’d be fucking embarrassed to have this
    superficial dolt as my spokesperson. Western culture is officially over and
    this jackass is the deathknell.

  5. @JohnSheridan10001 Hahahahahaha Hell doesn’t exist nor heaven nor God for
    that matter 😀 😉

  6. Being a fag is a mental disease obviously. Thank god theres therapy for
    this disorder…Sign the petition to outlaw gay marriage and make what fags
    and butches do illegal. Fags are the biggest detriment to society, not
    people who want human decency to rule, the only thing muslims have correct
    is killing their homosexual to stop the spread of disease..particularly the
    gay gene. If we cut them off now they cant evolve and they will disappear
    just like gingers are!

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