10 Comments on “Leaked GOP Memo Supports Gay Marriage: May 21 MarriageNewsWatch”

  1. Hey LGBT COMMUNITY You really need to check this video out and tell all of
    your other friends because this guy SHOULD NOT BE allowed to get away with
    this in church (Put Gays And Lesbians In Electrified Pen To Kill Them Says
    Charles L. Worley, North Carolina Pastor) Typr that in your Search Youtube
    engine to Hear the bigot spread HATE!

  2. Once that preacher become prominent over this, begin the countdown to his
    own outing as, at least, bi. Tick-tock.

  3. lol.. Exactly, but at the same time it saddens me NO one stood up in the
    church against this hatred. Im very sensitive about these things because I
    think of all the kids who took their live because of hatred people like him
    spread and pass down to others to think like him. I am still shocked and
    the worse part about it is they were cheering him on=(

  4. its actually Pathetic that In America – the SUPPOSED land of Liberty &
    Justice for ALL…we have to BEG for crumbs……..meanwhile OTHER nations
    go ahead of the USA

  5. Don Coram obviously values his dictionary more than his son. Nice family
    values there, Don.

  6. Pffft, the Worley cult.It is just another Wesboro. Give them time, they
    will all be carrying “God hates fags” signs. That is a good thing, we know
    who they are. They also will become “untouchables.” It must be horrible to
    be such a narcissist filled with so much hate. I can’t imagine, a life
    wasted. It’s odd to know that every time one of these geezers die, IT GETS

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