48 Comments on “Louie Gohmert: Gay Marriage Signals Collapse of Civilization”

  1. I just googled this goober. Turns out he has 3 daughters. One is a
    lesbian, from what I read she moved to Shanghai…..*she couldn’t
    physically get any further from him*….her own words.

  2. “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women
    exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same
    way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in
    their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and
    receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.…”
    Romans 1:26

    Notice that women are mentioned first .
    Feminism and gay pride are two faces of the same monster.

  3. The person who wrote this and the 12 other people who liked this are in
    need of some remedial courses in basic history. No dumb dumb, the Roman
    Empire did not fall in the reign of Constantine. The Western Roman Empire
    officially ceased to exist on September 4, 476 A.D. when the 12 year old
    emperor Romulus Augustulus abdicated the imperial throne to the German
    chieftain Odovacer after he successfully captured the imperial capital of
    Ravenna. This was over a century after Constantine died. Now,

  4. You all do know what cloistered group considers Solomon the “greatest mind
    of all time”, right? …Look it up yourselves.

  5. Didn’t Solomon have 700 wives and 300 concubines? What a great guy to quote
    on traditional marriage!

  6. I’m a caring, shearing kinda guy… I picked up mine in my local baa,
    couple of seasons back.

  7. I don’t know why my feeling on the subjects are important, but I will
    answer. Polygamy against, I am a romantic, who believes in exclusivity. You
    want to mess around, stay single. Incest against for medical reasons and
    the element of coercion that may be involved. Sexuality btwn consenting
    adults is none of my business. Recognizing relationships and it’s financial
    benefits/protections to the couple should be the same for all.

  8. No. You’re not necessarily homophobic for being against gay marriage.
    Although, I would say you are against the concept of freedom and rights for
    all American citizens.

  9. What bothers me in the whole Bible rhetoric is that it is not based on the
    Bible at all. If they want to use the “Bible says so” argument, they’d
    better read the book first.

  10. But hey, Alexander the Great was allegedly homosexual. Greece grew bigger
    and eventually reached its ultimate extent under his rule.

  11. Funny, I thought the increase in religious false prophets and hateful
    behavior would have signaled the end of civilization. This guy is a poon.

  12. Solomon, the great and wise king Solomon, who just happen to have 700 wives
    and 300 concubines. What is a concubine? Today we would call that a
    mistress. Someone you are not socially or legally allowed to marry, yet
    whom you want an ongoing relationship.

  13. LOL. Hey, I got no problem with that. Long as you can handle ’em – and they
    can handle each other. Sounds complicated, but I’d do it if I still had the

  14. As the good christians of America were busy killing 100 of thousands native
    americans, burning people at the stake as witches, enslaving a race of
    people, polluting this once pristine land, and only now god wakes up
    because two guys want to get it on? Where do these people come from, and
    what does it say about their moral values and priorities? I guess the all
    you have to do is believe in jesus as your lord and savior and than all
    atrocities, bigotry and hatred is permissible.

  15. The government isnt supposed to step in and do something when millions upon
    millions of people who have full time jobs can afford medical care? Who
    will the health care industry? Big Pharmaceutical companies? It was state
    and federal government who decided to start telling a certain group of
    people they arent equal. Who cares why its being supported as long as it
    is, thats just the way politics works most of the time

  16. Christians simply want an idea of human society which is simply not true
    and never has been true. Relying on a book written thousands of years ago
    as a guide for modern human society is stupid.

  17. Actually, the Roman empire fell under Constantine, the emperor who made
    Christianity the official religion of Rome.

  18. You proved ‘stupid is as stupid says’ and your words “… this why our
    generations is so dumb and senseless this is why !” took that proof over
    the top.

  19. By this logic, another thing in common to all civilizations that have ended
    is str8 people. Every civilization that has ended is because of str8
    people. Note the faulty logic?

  20. The same people who always yell about their rights, Mostly to bare arms and
    pray i school, are the same people who want to deny others from having
    their rights. There is nothing in the constitution that’s against same sex
    marriage, so just STFU!!

  21. Our generation? gay people have been around for centuries,not just this
    generation.Why is it wrong b/c your religion says,so everyone has to live
    up to your expectation’s.So your a genius for believing in a religion based
    of a book that’s not even factual? lol Please take your bible and slap
    yourself your in this generation too,calling yourself stupid

  22. A few things about your last few sentences here: Did Obama join the gay
    marriage support bandwagon? Probably, and that’s because he knew he would
    like an ass (or a bigger one depending on who you ask) in the history
    books, and as you said, to get more votes. That’s how politics work, you
    support what the people want you to support. Would you rather politicians
    do whatever they want regardless of the people’s will? Doesn’t sound like
    democracy to me.

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