45 Comments on “Missisippi Conservatives Beat, Kill and Burn Gay Candidate”

  1. TJ Walker is clearly trying to incite violence against all conservatives
    and other non-Liberals. Typical of all Liberals and Democrats. Probably
    thinks the same thing should be done to all people who disagree with him.

  2. skershaw2000 is a typical Liberal. Kill the entire opposition to the
    Democratic Party, just like the Ku Klux Klan in years past. The entire
    opposition includes all conservatives, moderates, libertarians and
    independents. Leaving a one party dictatorship, a Soviet style Democratic
    Party tyranny where there is only total obedience to the state and party.
    Welcome to the mind of the typical Liberal.

  3. Yeah i feel you there, Ive only ever fought with ppl who disrespected my
    home/friends. hahahha, this one time a girl punched me in the face b.c i
    told her and her friends to leave my party b.c they were smashing bottles.
    Needless to say i didnt hit her, but she was pretty shocked when i didn’t
    blink. And told her to GTFO b4 i have to call the cops to pick up the

  4. You have produced ZERO evidence for any of your claims that Loughner was a
    Marxist. Just vague hearsay. And yet he is ingrained in your alternate
    reality as what amounts to a card carrying leftie. Were I also a bigot, I
    could claim with equally vague evidence that he was a typical right wing
    hypocrite. I choose not to. I have the capacity for independent thought and
    am glad I don`t have a mind that when it hears “Loughner read amongst
    others Marx and Hitler…” translates to Loughner – Marxist.

  5. Fair Points. This have been one of the more rational Youtube conversations
    i have had. Thanks for that.

  6. All I’m asking is for at least some empathy for a tortured, murdered fellow
    “human”. Instead of a political argument. My point was, a human being was
    brutally murdered and what was picked up on was the “political” aspect of
    the story. NOT the brutality. Just like after school shooting, the talk is
    all about the 2nd amendment, not the murdered babies. The family doesn’t
    care about the political party of the perp. They only care that their loved
    one was tortured.

  7. It was reported that Marx`s Communist Manifesto was one of his favourite
    books. To you that makes him a Marxist! It was also reported one of his
    favourite books was Mein Kampf, which, using your powers of deduction,
    would also make him a Nazi! Therefore both Left, and Right wing. Why did
    you choose to label him Marxist (left) as opposed to Nazi (right)? You
    clearly cherrypick your own facts, yet expect facts from others? Let`s
    concentrate on Loughner before I destroy your logic on Holmes, ok?

  8. Yea, keep telling yourself that. Can’t you just be appalled by this? Can’t
    you just be human?

  9. That’s fucked up. You know, its one thing for a couple dudes to solve
    things the old fashion way but no body should be hitting anyone who doesn’t
    want to swing back. Call me sexists by its x2 as fucked up when some one
    hits a lady. I commend you for standing your ground. Fuck those assholes.
    No pun intended… (im shameless lol)

  10. Doesn’t it say somewhere in the Bible, What you do to the least of my
    brethen you do to me[Jesus]?

  11. Reminds me of the civil rights movement. It’s time every half decent
    individual stood up for gay rights. This homophobia and evil deeds has to
    be stopped yesterday.

  12. Illegal aliens come to Mississippi but guess what there are not enough jobs
    so they have to go on welfare. Then you have black people who are too lazy
    to work, so then all of a sudden you have 40% of your state welfare.

  13. TJ walker. Stop blaming conservatives for the religious fanatics. Otherwise
    you are opening the logical gates for conservatives to blame liberals for
    the stupidity of occupy or the mass murdering off communists and terrorist
    groups like the weather underground. Which i think is unfair as well.

  14. What proof is there that is was a Conservative that killed him? You really
    didn’t give much a case on who killed him other than inueno; did some
    Investigatave Body identify the likely killer? Gay on Gay Violence is
    rather high.

  15. Not the same as standing up for a friend though. Ive done that but it was
    all stupid dude shit involving booze. Like one of my pals cheated with
    anothers GF, they were about to kill eachother so i just sucker punched the
    cheater and ended the whole thing. What you did sounds pretty amazing
    though, ive never really gotten to confront unapologetic evil before. So im
    still jealous.

  16. But you could have said those things that TJ did not. But you chose not to.
    I’m not defending TJ.

  17. This case was being presented as Proof of Conservates Intolerance, of which
    there is yet any Evidence to Support; should I not question the reasoning
    for making such a case? My Org Comment was to question TJ reasoning for how
    he presented his argument as he based it on nothing but speculation. On a
    Personal Level, I hope that the Murderer gets Justice, everything that the
    Law has to deal with such Trash as I hope for the Best towards his Family;
    but I’m not the one to turn this Political.

  18. Well, I don’t hide. And it not Mrs. I’ve regretted using my real name from
    time to time.But I am who I am. I live in Florida, but I’m from New
    Orleans. I know most people want anonymity here. If you want to talk
    privately, we can. I won’t ask for anything more though.

  19. Sure i used some hyperbole, but you just ignored every point I just made.
    Do you have something constructive to say or just name calling? When you
    ignore my points and go with ad hominem it makes me wonder if you actually
    have a counter point or if this was your white flag in disguise.

  20. Thanx, but “hero”. No. A friend, yes. A human, yes. Aboss, sometimes, lol.
    Don’t be jealous, just stand for what’s right.

  21. But there is no evidence to even hint towards motive; why build up a case
    before the facts are in? What if, after you said all kinds of things as how
    this proves that Reps are scum, it turns out that it was a Former, or a
    Current Lover? There is a lot of abuse in Same-Sex Partnerships; sometimes
    it leads to Murder. What harm would there be to wait on Facts to make your
    arguement; otherwise you could wind up looking like a fool.

  22. That is a typical Conservative view, (don`t pretend to be independent, that
    is weak). And don`t even pretend to have read them or know what they are
    about. Scholars, which you are not, have evaluated Hitler, Nazism and
    Fascism as extreme right wing. Are you from Texas? They want to rewrite
    history books there too to suit their political beliefs. “what people
    recalled of what he had said” again such a very weak and lazy argument.
    Again sources? You are clearly a classic case of denial.

  23. You’re right, a man shouldn’t raise a hand to a woman. What does it
    actually prove? You’re physically stronger? That’s usually, already obvious
    to everyone. Mental strength, that’s different. And I don’t go around
    picking fights, I just can’t watch people get picked on for NO reason. And
    all that was a long time ago.

  24. I read this story yesterday, it made me cry. It’s appalling and disgusting.
    I don’t care the reason or the party this sadistic psychopath belongs to,
    it hate at it’s worse. But when the evidence is in, I’m sure the
    perpetrator won’t be a liberal. But NONE of that matters. What matters is a
    “human being” was tortured and murdered, so brutally, sadistically, the
    “thing” responsible cannot be considered human. And anyone who is defending
    any part of this, is just as bad.

  25. IDK, I live in Tucson Arizona. In this town the cops shoot 1st and ask
    questions later. I forget the exact statistic but something like 50% of the
    nations weed and heroin supply goes through here. Unless some one is
    bleeding pretty bad i don’t call the cops b.c most of the time they will
    just make it worse. In 2010 they shot up a War Vet on a case of mistaken
    address, they literally showed up the the wrong house and shot through the
    door 70-100 times.

  26. Again i will say I am. But it only adds insult to injury to this man’s
    family that he is now being used to score political points.

  27. Scoured the internet, including the FBI page. The FBI has laid no blame on
    a lover. Care to tell me why you believe an opinion page over the FBI? You
    never cease to fail… As I am a member of the LGBT community, I know how
    to separate rhetoric and fact even in my own group. There is a lot of it
    bounced about. As a member of the human race, I also know how to search for
    facts, not opinions that bolster my opinions to call facts.

  28. Just know that some of those gay dudes are bears and they have kick all
    sorts of homophobic ass.

  29. My point is, why can’t you just be disgusted and appallied by what happened
    to a fellow “human being”?

  30. So How Did I Choose the Alternate-Theory which was Right in my first posts
    on this matter before I got the facts; it was a Lover that did this.
    queerty(Dot)com is a Pro-Gay Site.

  31. When dealing with actions of people in your party, you get to “own” all
    they do so long as you do not elect people to publicly denounce this path
    of thought processes. So long as you embrace them as allies and do not cast
    them out, so long as you count on their votes and curry their favor, you
    get to own this. So TJ is right in saying “Republican”.

  32. Is critical thought really not human? The same rational you are using right
    now was used by the Nazi’s in Germany. The communists burned down the
    reichstag, can’t you just be human and not question the party line?

  33. since when? and when did that ever stop anyone? cons are also stereotyped
    as being weak, lazy, spineless, low income and low IQ… its not like
    they’re arent easily controlled and bullied.

  34. I am. Forgive my perceived insensitivity. I just think its wrong to use the
    victim of a gruesome crime to make a political point with out offering any
    evidence. If these people were named by the police and we all knew they
    were card carrying christian rightwingers i would not raise the issue. But
    the fact is there is no evidence to suggest this and TJ is just using this
    to make his point. That’s fucked up. If it makes me inhuman in your eyes to
    point this out then we disagree about humanity.

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