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  1. True, there may be diamonds in the dunghill but I don’t feel like plodding
    through crap all day to find them. I just spouted off in irritation at some
    of the nonsense that is said on the issue. I don’t intend to really pursue
    it or it’s some issue of huge importance to me personally (I understand the
    legal ramifications of a marriage license is important in “pull the plug”
    and other legal/medical procedures to people, partly why I am in favor) but
    I just wanted to vent to those who hate.

  2. Yes I did, but I’ll restate. Yes the ten commandments among other laws in
    the bible, excluding ceremonial laws which were intended for the Jews only.

  3. If your point is the Govt’ should allow “gay marriage” then by what moral
    standard can you disallow polygamy,child & animal marriage to name a few?
    We can lower the age of consent and allow bestiality, when the animals
    enjoy it & necrophilia does not need consent because only one person is
    involved⸮ Where is your ultimate moral authority if not the word of the one
    true God? You can’t borrow form the biblical world view only when convient
    to make a secular world view work, it’s hypocrisy.

  4. Their political system is oppressive & parasitical. They give no value to
    human life which is the direction all political systems tend to move. The
    only hedge of protection the US has is our Constitution which is being
    dismantled piece by piece. It may look like China is prospering but
    sometimes God turns people & nations over to their true love ie. money,
    lust & on & on. & God has used pagan nations to judge nations that claim to
    live by God’s statutes. We all need to repent & live for God.

  5. Sorry to jump in here. Blackstone, like the Founding Fathers, used Bible as
    a jumping-off point. Bible teaches separation of church and state. FAITH
    must be protected from state rule. So no religion nor state, should have
    control over morals, except regarding outward basics like theft, murder,
    false witness, etc. Love (1st Command) must be FREE before God. Can’t
    happen, if state is ruled/influenced by religion(s), or if state
    rules/influences religion(s). We have to be free to SIN.

  6. Yes, thank you xD. I had woken up not shortly before that, and with my
    other replies that was right before I went to bed, lol.

  7. hell I can give you arguable points that suggest that practices throughout
    the early nation was very much centered around the Christian faith but I
    could easily argue that they may very well show the oppressive nature of
    Christianity vs. its foundation for a free society.

  8. Darwin said “With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated. We
    civilized men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of
    elimination. We build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed and the sick.
    Thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind. No one
    who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this
    must be highly injurious to the race of man. Hardly anyone is so ignorant
    as to allow his worst animals to breed.”

  9. I hope that eventually there won’t be any ‘legal policy’ on marriage. I’m
    sure we could figure out how to file taxes and name people as beneficiaries
    without any government paperwork. I mean, weddings are cool, and I’m all
    for committed relationships; it’s the actual paperwork I don’t put much
    value on.

  10. (On a side note I did enjoy this video and the others where you did bring
    up certain points in each which I agree with.)

  11. If churches do not want to ordain female or gay ministers and won’t bless
    gay marriages, that’s fine, that’s their right. But the really unfair thing
    here is, that they don’t get to define this for everyone else, for civil
    law, even though they are not part of their particular religious tradition.
    It’s the same reason why i cannot determine what you preach in church. I am
    not allowed to ban you from gay-bashing, quoting despicable parts of the
    bible or preach the end of the world.

  12. where the foundations of christianity, islam, judiasm, all of these main
    “religions” of modern day in fact. During those times during each different
    development marriage was a man and multiple wives. So looking at where your
    religion is from, you can’t say one man one woman for religion… in today
    yes your religion may have redefined that but you cannot speak for EACH
    religion. HUGE political mistake and this is why they are so unintelligent,
    especially when trying to grab followers,,,

  13. The words “Separation of church and state” came from a letter from Thomas
    Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Church and Jeffersons point was that the
    Govt’ must stay out of the Church NOT the other way around. All laws
    enforce morality, so if not the morality of the bible then it will be the
    law of the lowest common denominator by fiat and/or none at all.

  14. I am saying that the secular world view has no foundation to say anything
    is bad, ever, unless it is borrowed from the biblical world view. The
    secular world claims there is no God & the universe is all there is. If
    that is true then there is no foundation that anything is good or bad. So
    why do you care about the THIRTEEN year old girl? How can you say that it
    is wrong? You can’t, because the universe doesn’t care. Stop borrowing from
    my world view.

  15. First off, this vid actually doesn’t say “we should allow gay marriage” it
    just says “this reason for disallowing gay marriage sucks”. Any argument
    you give for gay marriage doesn’t necessarily (or even often) equally apply
    for both poligamy, bestiality, and certainly not necrophilia. However, we
    can explore that path and discuss it further if you like.

  16. The problem with any logistical argument without supporting evidence falls
    on it’s face because it has it’s conclusion built into it’s premise. This
    is the case whether the claim is right or wrong. I have yet for someone to
    show me the evidence that gay marriage is harmful to societies. Where are
    these failed societies that fell solely because of gay marriage? Back up
    your claims bigots…..and we wouldn’t be having this B.S discussion
    without that retarded books like Leviticus and such.

  17. I ask about the ten commandments because they certainly do not allow for
    freedom of religion, capitalism, freedom of speech, or working on the

  18. Remember why we became a nation, in England and Europe religion was
    prescribed by the govt’. That is the point of separation of church and
    state. But the Church (People) don’t have to devest their beliefs when
    involved in the govt’.

  19. From the Treaty of Tripoli, the first ratified treaty by the US: “the
    United States of America is not, in any sense founded on the Christian
    religion.” The principles in the early nation were based on ideas from the
    enlightenment, most notably from John Locke. His ideas of limited
    government and liberty were very much at odds with much of Christian
    thought from that period.

  20. Please, if you’re going to quote “separation of church and state” at least
    get the intent of that quote (by Thomas Jefferson) correct. What Jefferson
    was saying in this quote was that there will be a wall of separation to
    protect the church from the state. Not vice versa. Jefferson never implied
    with this quote that matters of the church are to be kept out of state law.
    Only that there would be no law which infringed upon the church’s right to
    practice its faith. That’s ALL this quote meant

  21. I’m aware some groups of mormons do not advocate polygamy. That’s why I
    said, “they -may- perceive a sacred and holy union to be between.. or
    possibly between, a man and multiple women”. I chose my words carefully in
    hopes of avoiding the accusation you made against me anyway.

  22. Laws seem pretty consequentialist. Immoral only means “illegal” when it has
    consequences are costly to society. For example, lust, backtalk, adultery,
    lying to your mom, pride, gluttony, etc are not illegal.

  23. If you really think so then you must stop using the absolute world view
    that there is a right & a wrong because it’s hypocritical. In your world
    view every man is a free agent to do whatever he chooses to do. & that
    includes having sex with consenting animals. For that matter why would you
    put the absolute condition on consenting? After all it this world the
    survival of the fittest. If a man is more fit than whatever he wants to
    have sex with then he wins. Right⸮

  24. That our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions any more
    than our opinions in physics or geometry ~ Thomas Jefferson, Virginia
    Statute for Religious Freedom.

  25. Animals consent to sex all the time & who are you to say that they don’t.
    Are you using my (God) absolute world view again? Is it OK for an 18 year
    old to marry and have sex with his mother? They are both consenting adults.
    Is it OK for a man to marry 20 women or men? In your world view it should
    be. If you don’t think it should be then you need to repent and follow the
    one true God who created you in his image.

  26. At odds with it? Well I can’t speak for “Christian thought from that
    period” but I can compare with what the Bible says, and as a Christian who
    is also a Libertarian I can say that there’s not a lot of contradiction.
    True Christians self-govern fairly well. One who follows the Bible isn’t in
    need of additional rules and regulations to coexist peacefully in society.
    Mostly we want the govt to stay the hell out of our business. We believe
    that in general, no man is our superior or authority.

  27. So if the US does poorly, then that is god’s judgement, and if China does
    well, that is god using them as an agent of god’s judgement on nations that
    claim to live by god’s statutes? Seems to be an ad hoc explanation to me.
    Can you throw any weight of evidence behind that?

  28. You obviously just want to use an ad hominem attack because that is not
    what I wrote. Repost: “(polygamy, bestiality,necrophilia) I was not
    comparing behaviors just the moral authority for declaring any behavior
    wrong. Is it by God or by fiat? (fiat = fickle & chaos)” Without a Moral
    Authority, today it’s illegal but tomorrow it’s legal depending on the mood
    of the ruling class. There is no foundation upon which to declare polygamy,
    bestiality, necrophilia or anything to be bad or illegal.

  29. im gonna say u almost did a good job with the video. except that mormonism
    doesn not believe marriage is between a man and multiple women, that would
    b the fundamentalist church of jesus christ of latter day saints. which
    broke off from the official LDS church yearss ago because they wanted to
    practice that belief. the official LDS church does NOT recognize the FLDS
    church. so please before looking like a fool on youtube, please check your
    facts. how is someone gonna even listen to u if urwrong

  30. So you say the matter concerning Marry a Twelve year old when betrothed and
    impregnated and married, Thirteen is moral..well I think its immoral and
    here is why..psychological and physiological studies shows that 12 and 13
    year old brains are not fully developed and are not fully aware of the
    consequences of their decisions, hence making them not fully formed
    adults…that is why we call them children..that is a good enough reason
    for me, not borrowing from your world view. because its immoral.

  31. Establishment of a religion – meaning like a “state religion” which
    everybody must follow. Yes, this would infringe on the church most
    severely, because the church is not governed by the state, and nor should
    it be. This is not to say however that Christian principles remain outside
    of the state law. That is not the establishment of a religion, where the
    state controls faith. It is the reverse, where the state is subservient to
    certain principles of the faith. The 1st amend doesn’t forbid that.

  32. Then considering that the list of the ten commandments includes
    commandments to worship god, not covet, not work on the sabbath, and not
    take god’s name in vain, how can you say our laws are based on those? What
    laws in particular should we be following, because even excluding
    ceremonial laws, we don’t follow a heck of a lot of laws listed in the

  33. Please, if you’re going to quote “separation of church and state” at least
    get the intent of that quote. It STATES and MEANS The Government shall make
    no law respecting an establishment of religion…so AS soon as any
    government legislative or legal practice involves religion the government
    is respecting an establishment of religion,,,and the Constitution applies
    to all government in the United States.

  34. Oh that was just to utterly destroy your notion that our countries laws are
    in anyway derived from any religious text. I think we are better severed to
    adhere to the secular definition of marriage than from the one with the
    talking snakes.

  35. No apology needed, I think sarcasm can be a useful tool to help comunicate
    a position. I agree the exploitation of other countries and people is evil.
    BUt a country can not even attempt to do those things if they are pledged
    by disease or can’t feed the population. America has been blessed by God
    but we no longer follow God, we void his laws and we kill our own children.
    God is no longer blessing America.

  36. One of the central themes of the bible is respect to a higher authority.
    Can’t you see how this can be antithetical to ideas about self government.
    In your very own post you specify you don’t need rules outside of the
    bible. But why do you need the bible at all if you believe in self

  37. This is actually something that seemed to be getting brought up quite a bit
    in the past, but eventually got drowned out. In fact this is similar to how
    I won over my dad to the idea of gay marriage. My dad is not a Christian,
    but kept insisting marriage was a religious thing and that allowing legal
    gay marriage would infringe on the rights of Christians to express their
    religion. This is super abbreviated, but I turned that around and pointed
    out he was arguing against his own marriage to my mom

  38. If you are not going to pay attention in school please at least use
    Google….the Constitution says nothing of the sort….

  39. Most of the opposition to gay marriage is religiously based or at the very
    least it certainly seems that way. Politicians will hide behind the
    separation between church and state during election season. I think it’s
    odd that you’d focus on this interview to clarify your points considering
    the political climate at the moment is mainly focused on making the other
    side look bad for election reasons.

  40. I think you are using sarcasm. So if you are; they were not a first world
    country before that, people worshiped their emperor as a god. The people
    did not have the freedom of the first world. Good punctuation for sarcasm
    is ⸮ which is tough because it’s not on any keyboard or you can use $ which
    stands for sarcasm/irony. ie. Yeah right$

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