33 Comments on “Navy Chaplain Smackdown: Gay Marriage Like Crucifying Jesus”

  1. I just have one question. Why does the idea of two loving, committed to
    each other ppl getting married freak some folks out so damn bad? Is the
    population suddenly gonna take a lethal nosedive because those couples
    can’t have kids? What about straight cpls that can’t have them? I have read
    studies, can’t remember where that said gay couples tend to have longer
    monogamous relationships then straight couples. Maybe someone can let me

    Homosexuality has been around even before Christianity, so why the meltdown
    from people?

    If they’d like to get married, argue with their partner and lose half their
    stuff in a divorce like straight couples, let ’em. lol

  2. At 9:12 “People will never have the right to choose sin”

    Wait, so we are not allowed to choose sin because God is watching
    everything we do but we are condemned to eternal hell because God gave us
    free will to either accept or reject him.

  3. Well yes, in home or in a church, I agree is fine, but it should stop at
    the door. As well as atheists beliefs. Nobody’s religion should be allowed
    to be forced upon others like a lot of people like to do.

  4. face of hate can be seen thru mindless agression and violance that causing
    destruction of human lfe causing sorrow THRU WICKED SPEECH that is designed
    to hurt you on personal level OR TO TRIGGER VIOLANT RESPOND using GOD HOLY
    SCRIPTURE i do not expressing hate ,but love and care for my fellow man
    ,and wise will accept GOD HOLY SCRIPTURE and repent from abomiable practice
    ,but fool will reject GOD WARNING showing pride an arogance JUDGING AND

  5. You don’t need god or religion to tell you that shoving your cock on
    another man’s anus or mouth or taking it in that manner is an abomination.
    A Man’s penis is for a woman’s vagina and not for another man’s mouth. Any
    normal person can sense that.

  6. Ummmm – ‘author’? The bible was written and re-written by thousands of
    people over centuries and centuries.

  7. There’s no such thing as New Testament Gentile Christians!!! CHRISTIANS are
    only Jews who believe that Christ was the son of Man. I love how people get
    that confused. Jews were supposed to teach the Gentiles about God, and
    Jesus himself was a Jew. So when people say Christians aren’t Jews to some
    sense and that we aren’t meant to follow the same rules is just wrong. The
    Bible was created like an Owners Manual that showed you how to get the best
    performance out of life as believers!

  8. haha all for someone critiquing faith, but maybe have a valid thought next
    time. Thats like i love how hindsight is 20/20. Thats not flawed logic
    thats human nature, if we succeed we were supposed to, if we didnt
    something was in our way. Thats not “religious people” thats everyone
    including you and I my friend. I mean jeez way worse logic used in
    religion, why dont you open a Bible/Quaran/Torah/ect. and find some.

  9. Was trying to have an intelligent conversation with you, but the language
    barrier makes it rather difficult. Like i said wont waste my time trying to
    decode what you MAY be saying. I have yet to say anything unintelligent or
    false. The difference is i dont seem as crazy or stupid because i speak
    while you spake.

  10. The state awards marriage benefits to heterosexual couples because their
    unions, in principle, create the best situation for procreation and child
    rearing, which is a huge public interest. Procreation is NOT required; it
    is anticipated. The state does this without regard for incidental
    infertility or contraception — because (1) the overwhelming majority of
    married couples **do** have children, and (2) the state is constitutionally
    prohibited from screening all couples for fertility … (cont’d)

  11. Your holier than though attitude over this is ridiculous, you need to
    protect sinners? No, thats why we all have free will. Now go ahead and try
    to quote something like Jude 1:23. Using the bible as your argument is a
    joke, taking the ENTIRE book as literal and you woundnt know what to do.
    There are many contradictions, thats why i try to stick with some core
    messages like Mark 12:31 love your neighbor like yourself. If it is a sin
    thats their choice to make not mine, i dont curse them for it

  12. I think I lost some IQ points listening to this moron fanatic ramble on and
    on about demonic possession and other such petty bullshit. I understand the
    need to give “the other side” a time to express themselves, but I find this
    dribble completely brain killing.

  13. Religious people use funny logic. “We won! God wants us to win!” “We lost!
    Just as God predicted!” Yet too few see the logical flaw in that line of

  14. In other words, “heres my book that justifies my hatred to a group of
    people and thus my hatred is justified.”

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