6 Comments on “News Wrap: Court upholds ban on gay marriage in four states”

  1. gay marriage does not exist, even with the courts allowing it to continue
    to happen and be recognized as ‘lawful’

    marriage is between one man, and one woman… anything else is a civil
    union, or against the laws of nature or the law of the land

  2. God damned faggots pushed their bullshit too far and the people had enough,
    the midterm elections show just that. You sick twisted fucks were tolerated
    and now your pushy bullshit made it so the people have had all they can
    stand. This is just the start, after your liberal champions term is up I’m
    almost positive a conservative will be the next president and if he has any
    sense gay mairrage will be repealed nation wide.

  3. Awesome! The gay mafias hatred and intolerance of conservatives,
    Christians,,, has hit a speed bump.

    Homosexuality is a hate crime against God.

  4. It would be a fitting end if this decision led to another roe v wade size
    knockout blow to social conservatives that still stung half a century

  5. this is something that should have been legal years ago lets make gay
    marriage legal federally by the 2020s it will be embarrassing if even
    cannabis probably gets legal by then b4 gay marriage. 

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