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  1. its going to have to be nuclear fission until they can get fusion working.
    solar panals. make nice supplements the problem with them would be they
    take up to much space. the other forms of energy production really depend
    upon your location in the world and windpower itself is a dead end.

  2. Technology is advancing so fast in 10,20 years all this might be a settled
    debate and nuclear could be considered obsolete. . However there seems to
    no way of harvesting energy without some impact on something or someone. .

  3. What ever you think what reality is that Greenpeace have helped to create
    good working practices and have been a positive force in many industries.

  4. We need nuclear as a transition, renewables are not feasible for mass
    energy production at the moment.

  5. we wont hurt the planet with nuclear power the planet is 4 billion years
    old, we arnt going to hurt it remember that every form of life is
    temporary, and its not the planets job to support life

  6. @macspud28 Yes you are right it is, but operated in a completely different
    way to the cool water reactors, but yes fission occurs in both, molten is
    much much safer and produces a tiny fraction of the waste of traditional
    methods, check it out there are a few good videos on the tube! Peace.

  7. Any1 that believes that we need more nuclear plants should b locked up in
    an mental institution. We’ve had Cold Fusuion 4 20yrs now. I sat in on the
    meeting @ Sanford University after they did a demo. It’s here & nobody
    seems 2 care; sad. Solar, wind, & ocean current pwr is cool but Cold
    Fusuion is #1 and it’s not mentioned ever. Com’on ppl wake the hell up.
    Mother Earth will save herself. She dosen’t silly mortals parasite @ all.
    We r blessed 2 dwell here so we should respect this planet.

  8. Nuclear is not quite clean when you have to plan on maintaining the waste
    for a million years now is it?

  9. funney. . . i was under the impression that nuclear power was the best
    stand-in until true green power. So the ‘vs.’ seems a bit off.

  10. Well done documentary. I was all for nuclear untill recently. When i found
    out that it can be done with solar almost exclusively. This video seemed to
    give a pretty fair assesment of the issues. Bravo.

  11. Solar will fail considering there is a movement in Africa where they are
    growing food in the desserts meaning less space for energu considering fun
    is more important People fail to see the sollutions is not going green or
    building taller houses but to start 1 child/family like in China and no use
    so much energi

  12. @macspud28 @macspud28 Oh yes I worked my comment wrong, thanks for pointing
    that out! Can’t delete it I’m on my phone

  13. not on a planetary scale… the earth is about 4 and a half billion years
    old… 1 million is like one day for the planet nothing humans do is going
    to ruin the planet… its not the planets job to support life, every now
    and then an ice age or meteor will wipe out all life and it starts again

  14. Too bad those solar panels are so damn expensive. I can’t understand why?
    If the global warming is such bad and severe thing then why do we have to
    pay so much from environmental friendly products? That’s what I wonder.


  16. Molten salt reactors! No substantial amount of radioactive waste and it’s
    walk away safe. Governed by physics instead of pumps, if something goes
    wrong the process shuts down, no meltdown threat. The US chose fission over
    this in the ’50s so they could get weapons grade Uranium/plutonium 🙁 Such
    a tragic mistake.

  17. Not sure how many turbines it would take. People should consume less energy
    and either supply their own energy or solve the problem in a regional or
    better yet community level. I am building an efficient tiny home and will
    be using solar to supply all my power. Yes I will live without A/C and
    won’t have a huge fridge and clothes dryer. But if I believe people should
    live with less, I have to live it myself right?

  18. im all for clean energy , but now because the amount of demand nuclear is
    the way to go , dont believed ? just shutdown those reactor and opinions
    will change very very fast ,

  19. too expensive to send that much waste up there right now. although
    apparently moderen reactor designs can be used to cleanly incinerate waste
    fule while at the same time provinding power.

  20. they need to find a spot that will be secure for a “million years”, wtf.
    humanity will be extinct long before a million years.

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