8 Comments on “Obama Calls For Gay Rights In History-Making Speech”

  1. You’re a FUCKING IDIOT. If you don’t like the concept of GAY RIGHTS, then
    how about equal rights for all. EVERYONE should be able to marry ANYONE who
    is of legal age. No gay rights there. You FUCKING MAGGOTS just keep shoving
    your bi-BULL down everyone else’s throats. I guess I shouldn’t expect more
    from someone who chooses the nickname UNs-NWO. Here’s a fucking clue moron,
    two in fact: There is no WNO and your god is make believe.

  2. the world coming together as a whole is an inevitability. humanity has to
    eventually man the fuck up and work together. vv

  3. there is no such thing as gay rights. we, as people, already have rights
    which are inalienable. what he is really saying is the government should be
    involved in gay marriage, just like the government is involved in
    everything else. enjoy your new privileges my gay friends, all afforded to
    you by our benevolent dictator, barack obombya

  4. i oppose the DOMA, correct. as for abortion, it is not a federal issue and
    the federal government needs to get out of that issue also

  5. If you’re not a tea bag evangelical, what’s with the the nick? Believing
    that the UN is part of the NWO conspiracy is almost an exclusive
    evangelical belief. So is the belief that Obama is a would be dictator.

  6. its my belief the united nations, through agenda 21, wants to implement a
    global authority. if you have never heard of agenda 21, i certainly
    recommend you do so. here is a great video to get you started with it.

  7. my stance on marriage is simple, the government should not be involved.
    that includes marriage for straight couples. we all have the right to be
    with whoever we want. that is the point im making. please dont assume im
    against freedom and liberty for all because i recognize the difference
    between a right and a privilege. fact is, marriage is a privilege because
    the government says it is. if gays get married, its still a privilege. hope
    that clarifies my position for you

  8. Then I assume you oppose the DOMA? What about right wing attempts to get
    the government involved in abortion rights?

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