19 Comments on “Obama Hits Home Run at HRC Dinner”

  1. @xplorelife24 I know what you mean I just put that there b/c his speech was
    so touching to homosexuals but I will say Obama is not the best president
    and has got us way more in debt but he did stop DADT & the war

  2. @lamrof: ditched his base? Obama saved the U.S. auto industry (and millions
    of jobs in the bargain) … Ended the Iraq War on schedule … Passed
    Healthcare Reform … Passed Financial Reform … Restored federal funding
    into Stem Cell Research … Negotiated a major arms control treaty … Ended
    Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell …And, the guy killed Osama Bin Laden. YOU are
    ditching him, not the other way around. 😉

  3. This speech is a typical example for “pink washing” policy. It seems that
    homophile speeches “justify everything else”; at least Obama gets sympathy
    / respect. Such strategies work often; whether for US American (and their
    allies) war crimes and other social injustice policy or Israeli apartheid
    policy. It isn’t such big thing, as long these politicians tolerate “gay
    rights”. That’s very sad and shows how egoist and narrow minded many in the
    so called gay community are. More awareness is needed.

  4. @Ilkamy I like the quarts you leave at the end of your comments 🙂 and you
    are right people need to change there views Human is human and people need
    to see this

  5. @rainbowpagan2 We are all human beings… LGBT and women rights are HUMAN
    RIGHTS! “Prides” have to change their political focus… It needs a new
    awareness in the “Queer community” against any kinds of injustice and
    oppression! Struggles for equal social rights are a matter for human rights
    for all! “Liberation is not the private province of any one particular
    group.” (Audre Lorde, 1934 – 1992, American authoress & activist, she named
    herself a “black lesbian feminist mother poet warrior”.)

  6. @Ilkamy I kinda see where your coming from I respect your views and I love
    your comments you are vary smart women right now I feel that the gay rights
    movement is important and this is the last freedom rights movement in
    America so it is a big thing it is history respecting its self also like
    with African american Latino Native American & female movement alto of
    people fight this subject b/c they feel being gay you can hide it witch is
    bull shit but you being lesbian you know this Blessed Be

  7. @TomsFriendKake I to think that way I feel it was to young to be President
    not enough ex-prance but yet he tried and did help out people for equal
    rights and he did end DADT

  8. Diversion from the important, gay is what it is but how is that pitch a
    productive step for the economic problem, Gay or strait ,people still have
    tI eat

  9. @Oofloom right on all the Rep. want to talk about is how bad he did with
    money and the incress in the debt but yet people do not remember but when
    president Clinton was in office he got us out of debt and when Bush W. want
    in office he put us back in debt so goes to show you that the Rep. put use
    in debt then blame the next Dem. president for the debt when they did it I
    can not stand rep. b/c they are all for greed and are not for equal rights
    never where trace it back to African american ect.

  10. There is much I dislike about Presidant Obama’s term however I really
    respect him for this. Liberty and Freedom means allowing people to live
    their lives as they see fit, whether you agree with it or not so long as it
    doesn’t inflict harm on other people.

  11. This is a small reason why I’m proud to be a Dem. The Republicans can say
    we try to do to much, but that’s all they can say. When it comes to
    actually doing things, we’re plain better. Those hypocrites alternate
    between catastrophic incompetence when they’re strong (Bush), and righteous
    obstructionism when they’re weak.

  12. @lamrof the speech is the thing I like I feel Obama was to young to be
    president and did not have enough expressions to run a country but his
    speech was good

  13. Bullshit. Should not show his face. Fucker ditched his base for 3 years and
    now begs us. Fuck you obama.

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