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  1. If you don’t want anti-gay people to feel like they are the real victims,
    then stop calling them the commonly used term “homophobic”, which is
    medical terminology that implies the illness of a phobia of gay people, but
    rather call them one that better describes anti-gay people; such as bigot.
    There’s a difference between people who fear what they don’t understand,
    and people who hate what they do or don’t understand, for no good
    reason–and it should be classified as such.

  2. “A spectacular and neat Orwellian trick” indeed, Panti. Well done for
    highlighting it so passionately and articulately.

  3. There is a God, and he has blessed us with drag queen angels like this. God
    bless you Panti, God bless you.

  4. Oh, I love this. It’s a great week for eloquent, brilliant queer people.
    Please watch/listen. This will make you cheer and tear up, and be so
    grateful that this performer had the guts to do this. It’s awesome.

  5. RIP Fred Phelps. Fred was a wise and noble God fearing man who fought the
    good fight against the Sodomist agenda.

  6. Here’s a towering Irish drag queen with a message for anyone who thinks
    they understand oppression and discrimination. 

  7. This touches on what it is like to be gay in this world for those of us
    that “have it easy.” It is so much worse for so many more.

    An excellent speech. Listen to it. #homophobia 

  8. What an excellent speech. Heard Panti interviewed by Dan Savage and was
    completely unaware of what was going on. This is fantastic. Well said. 

  9. Sad, but true fact: Most of the peoples in the audience and of those who
    watched this video will think to themselves ‘Awesome, I agree with her, she
    is totally right, how could all those other people denunciate her. We need
    They may talk about it, will think about it, think that they did something
    for LGBTQ+ people, but at the end of the day, they won’t change shit. They
    will still vote the same people, still buy the same newspaper, support the
    same companies, go to church, wont actively stand for them, etc. They will
    stay and act homophobic to the same degree, but with the illusion to not be

  10. +utube9000 “but then professes outrage when people notice” assaulting
    someone from a moving car is not people noticing. Your perception on this
    speech seems to be distorted. 

  11. I do not believe this man is “oppressed” in the true sense of the word. I
    think that most of his “oppression” comes from his inner thoughts and self
    directed criticisms (as he himself alludes to.) He deliberately acts and
    dresses in a radically different way (which is fine) – but then professes
    outrage when people notice! Asking society for tolerance is one thing,
    asking society for positive affirmation is another. Here is a thoughtful
    article on the subject, including a reference to Panti-

  12. First it was a very good speech and I understand where he is coming from.
    But hey if you want to talk about oppression then try be a Christian. When
    I became a born again Christian all my friends disappeared. When I say I am
    against drunkenness, violence, adultery, stealing, lying, homosexually and
    many other things the bible speaks against then my opinion or values don’t
    count or I’m considered predigest which off course we all are. Am I not
    allowed to express my opinion or are only gay and lesbian person the only
    oppressed in Ireland.
    Have you ever thought what it’s like being a drug addict, an alcoholic, a
    traveller, mentally ill, poor, uneducated, disabled, old or frail? Yes I
    work with such people and by far gay and lesbian people have a better
    quality of life than many people I look after. I’m not perfect. I am
    attracted to other women even when I’m married but I don’t want anyone to
    change the law so I can have an affair legally. No just like many imperfect
    people I exercise self-control. Am I oppressed, yes I problem am but I’m
    too busy helping others to worry about things that other think about me.
    Grow up, there is no such thing as true freedom. Try speeding and when
    you’re caught then tell the judge you don’t agree with his law. He won’t
    give a rat’s arse if you agree as you will still pay the fine. There is no
    justice in this world. We are all equally messed up. Yes every one of us on
    every side.

  13. This it typical manipulation. They present themselves as victims and ask
    for special protection. Hitler did exactly the same, he claimed that
    Germans are the oppresed ones, that they deserve better treatment by

  14. This is centered on homophobia. But, think about the actual words of the
    speech – it is simply *oppression*. Are you a woman, or any kind of
    non-white male or female? Does this ring true for you?

    #oppression #sexism #prejudice #racism #homophobia #gayrights
    #feminism #equalrights 

  15. This was an AWESOME explanation of how it feels to be oppressed by the very
    stereotypes one battles to eradicate! I’m a straight supporter of gay
    rights, but I’m also bipolar and I assure you that the feelings expressed
    here are almost spot on of how the mentally ill are treated. Regardless of
    WHY one is oppressed by stigma, the emotions it incurs seem to be fairly
    universal :):

  16. Homophobia could not have been explained more clearly. I am sure there are
    many more overt and violent examples of oppression that could have been
    used, but it is the every day acts that undermine most severely.
    So often it is remarked that this or that group struggles more, and that in
    itself is a way of marginalizing what so many gay people experience.
    I myself have been called the slurs, had parents pull their children aside
    for fear I might do something abhorrent, had my property vandalized, and
    been shot at. None of which effects someone as much as the everyday
    Many of you think I made a choice to be who and what I am. I did not. When
    I was younger I would have done anything to not be gay however, I now
    understand it is who I am at the core and I would not change it for
    This video of this brave person standing in front of many others and
    inviting judgement is nothing short of inspirational. We all need to live
    our truth no matter what that may be. If others can not accept it, it
    reflects on them how insecure they are in their own life. 

  17. I live in Ireland and I have been asked by a manager if I was gay… ever
    since I was victime of bullying at work. It is something so hard to go
    through. I have those moments where I just don’t want to be part of this
    world. I just want to leave this life and I know that many people did so
    already but I am going to be strong and stay and fight for them. I mean,
    what my sexual orientation has do with my work and we are not even talking
    about marriage here… 

  18. I hope she’s vegan too. Of all the oppressions in this cruel world meat
    eating is the most insidious & criminal. Animals deserve legal protection &
    we owe them our deepest apologies although it’s little recompense to the
    billions killed on your plates each day. 

  19. Friends, watch in youtube “Trapped in a locker room”, a very funny gay
    musical. ;-)

  20. there are also many gays who are homophobe………when you are a butch
    it’s ok……..when you are young and beautiful it’s ok………..you don’t
    have to be on a pedesrian walkway to suffer of homophobia………if you
    stay one hour in a gay bar you could see the cruaulty of many people of the
    crowd…..we live on earth.and like dave said once :earth is a bitch..
    a french fag

  21. Sorry, but I thought it extremely rude that the audience was laughing at
    certain parts.

  22. STRAIGHT FROM IRELAND! Thank you Rory O’Neill, you spoke of oppression
    beyond limitation of a specific oppressed group, but about anyone who feels
    that way, for any reason. Deeply touched… Love Dja

  23. Nothing more than twisted, manipulative b*** shit. The problem is that
    these people have an audience. Next we will have a paedophile on a stage
    justifying his sexuality, what he finds wrong with other people and trying
    to put across his rights.

  24. beautiful and brave. love her/his Irish lilt. beautifully spoken. also –
    due to work – pausing at 9:16 makes her look like she’s gonna sneeze. it
    was funny.

  25. Great speech, and equally applicable to all forms of prejudice. Yes, that
    means you the “I’m not a racist BUT”…crowd.

  26. Wow! Would it be weird if I did a standing ovation all by my self right now?
    My words are not strong enough to explain how this speech hit me.
    I am in awe.

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