44 Comments on “Pastor Wants Donations for Private Helicopter Wings”

  1. So will the kind friends of the congregation ever get a ride in this
    helicopter? These pastors are out of their damn mind. They are asking for
    too much from too many people to live their extravagant lifestyles and
    that’s ungodly.

  2. So… Their god created the earth, animals, and the universe, but he can’t
    repair helicopter blades? I guess he doesn’t like wasting his time with
    petty stuff.

  3. God’s way to get a really cool jet plane (my choice of transportation)
    takes 52 weeks. How long would it take working at a job? The choice is
    clear 😉

  4. “Thats why I deleted and blocked one person from facebook this afternoon”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I hope that person was watching the news!

  5. So God can just magically poof the whole universe into existence, but not
    some fucking helicopter blades. Seems legit.

  6. I’d like to see the bill of goods that was sold to the sheeple to convince
    them a copter was needed. It raises some other questions: What was the
    purchase price? What does annual insurance cost? Who pilots the copter? Is
    the pilot full-time staff or on call? What is the pilot paid? What is the
    cost of ground storage? What IS it used for?

  7. when a guy does the same exact thing on the street for food he is
    considered a blemish on society. But get a suit and a bunch of people to
    listen to you and worship you they will hand it over with a smile. Any one
    who hands money to an religious organization is a fool there is no need and
    nothing gained from organized religion other than being a social club for
    schizophrenics in denial.

  8. And as absurd and obviously a con as it is it still works. So really, if a
    bad con works, why come up with a good one? 😉

  9. If the church mailed those letters, the US Postal Police could likely
    charge them for fraud. It sure sounds like some sort of pyramid scheme.

  10. end property tax exemption for all churches.. Really galling to see prime
    downtown real estate taken out of the tax base by church construction.

  11. Typical of the liberal media to attack Christianity yet they sing nothing
    but praise when it comes to Islam!

  12. The swindler-preacher racket has really taken off. Sorry, I guess now they
    call it the “gospel of prosperity”.

  13. why does the church need a helicopter? And how will god give people modes
    of transport? It is all about the show of wealth. They do not need the
    “bishop” flying to six separate masses, they are all about showing how much
    money they have, as part of their prosperity gospel. And all the money for
    the glass cathedrals and helicopters and so forth comes direct from the
    pockets of religious people.

  14. “Donate money and in 52 days God will give you a vehicle of your choice!”
    Reminds me of those chain comments like: “Like this status and in 3 hours
    your crush will message you!”

  15. There exists a church in Houston with a fucking helicopter? What the fuck?
    Nigga, tell the church to sell the helicopter and donate to these schools,
    Texas’ academics are the 2nd worst in the nation! We’ve got enough churches
    in the Bible Belt!

  16. Such a shame. Why would a pastor want a Helicopter? Seriously this person
    should be ASHAMED for being a pastor. IF ANYTHING it should go to people in
    the NEED. Not for Blades on a Helicopter! I personally am a Christian but
    this is outrageous!

  17. The donations would make more sense if the ppl actually got to go in
    helicopter rides. They don’t though. The bishop just doesn’t want to hang
    around in traffic.

  18. You need a fucking helicopter to fly your silly ass from church to church
    to preach? Fuck you. Preach in one church and stream it live to the other
    churches, you dumbfuck. “Congregation” is a friendly word for “suckers with

  19. The Muslims have got their winged horses. Better fuel consumption. Got one
    to to the moon once. Believe or die, or both.

  20. Come on, man. These people are brainless fools who deserve to have their
    hard-earned money plucked straight from their bank accounts.

  21. It’s sad to see all those under educated old people who fall into religious
    dogmas and give money to the church and they can’t think rationally. I
    can’t believe there’s 6 churches for the paster to go to, is it a chain

  22. Why don’t he ask according to God’s will for the blades….oh I guess it is
    not according to God’s will so he has to ask the members instead. If the
    members are dumb enough to give it or remain at the church, they deserve
    each other.

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