15 Comments on “Pastors Martin Ssempa and Solomon Male on the Anti-Gay Law”

  1. Everyone going on about how the reporter was unprofessional and all that,
    were you watching the same video??? I think people forget that first and
    foremost the presenters are human too, a reporter yes, but a human being
    who is subject to the same flaws as everyone else. And yes I know they’re
    supposed to be held to a higher standard but he wouldn’t be the first
    mediator to lose his cool when faced with such nonsense.
    Personally I was already angry at these two by around the 6 minute mark,
    they argue like kids, Sempa insists on pointing and shaking his finger in
    their faces which is very rude, disrespectful and provocative, he keeps
    making childish remarks about Male, referring to him as boda boda.. The
    levels of provocation and disrespect would unravel most of us. I’m not even
    sure what Male is here to do, I heard his points about the laws already
    being in place but when the mediator asked him what he was going to do
    about it (great question by the way) he just started making excuses non of
    which led to a Yes or No. These two just like the attention, thats it. The
    mediator was very right in his assessment of Sempa just being a simple
    populist and comedian and I wouldn’t even give him comedian..
    Did any of you referring to the presenter as unprofessional notice that he
    asked them great questions, was unbiased, quite honest and kept them in
    check or were you just here to see him lose his cool at the very end which
    he, by the way handled professionally by ending it??

  2. Archibishop Tutu is a man who receives a lot of money from the West, time
    and again he is paid to appear on BBC programmes and other Western media,
    he lived and spent a lot time here in the UK, he Ssentamu are men of God
    who have first of all been compromised. These are men employed by the West
    that seeks to rewrite the gospel to make it palatable to their generation,
    they have walked away from the truth! So I wouldn’t be surprised by such
    comments from either of that lot! Secondly, the interviewer was a bit
    harsh, thirdly, we have the law and we can have a debate about the other
    bits that need changing, it is normal for laws to be revisited, they are
    made by men and mistakes are inevitable. Finally, we have to thank God for
    this law, because I sit here and see how these developed, rich countries
    are struggling with the consequences of the freedom they have given to this
    evil and am 150% sure the people of Uganda made the right decision! What
    all Ugandans need to understand is that we are Africans, and have our own
    unique god given values which we can only change to our peril! We must
    always hold our heads high and be proud of those values! I have travelled
    all over this world but there are values I have not found any where, except
    in Africa!

  3. Interesting debate BUT unscripted … the interviewer is also a little
    unprofessional loosing his cool and banging papers on the table … that
    wasn’t cool. I kind of blame the producer/and the presenter for not
    coaching/orienting those being interviewed … answers should be short and
    punchy. I love his bow tie though!!! 

  4. Y z sempa always talking rubbish.instead of handling the topic he ends up
    talkin about himself. Bogus

  5. In the end, they all want the same thing…homosexuals punished for being

  6. Bwahahahha umm how about talk stop talking over each other. Even the
    mediator cant do his job. 

  7. I also comment about the reporter/host…..that wasnt professional

  8. Banange ssempa learn how to have mature talks do not just make noise and
    always talking abt ur self instead ov de topic its asign ov insecurity.

  9. So this other guy is the Golola Moses version of pastors except Golola make
    some sense at times

  10. All respekt til en strålende reporter blant rastløse og respektløse

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