39 Comments on “Pat Roberston: Gays Destroy Society, Want to Jail Christians”

  1. The world would be a better place with no F-ing religion, religion ruined
    my life now I got tons of debts forever because i believed in a god that
    was not there. And being Gay is not a problem at all! Christianity is a

  2. yep… God Hates people who ‘do sex acts’. In fact she’s so pissed off with
    the Porn Industry that she’s thinking of sending another flood – and also
    so she can get rid of all those annoying Bibles!

  3. Honestly, I think that hate speech is a hate crime. The amount of
    misconceptions spread and the amount of terrorist activities I notice
    usually stem from a propagandist spouting hate speech against minorities
    Example: Joseph Goebbles, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, etc. all spout hate
    speech and subtly call for the death of their enemies… this in turn
    causes the population to become negatively charged… which causes them to
    become active and kill anyone that they’ve been told is a “terrorist”

  4. he probably doesn’t know it, but pat was actually semi correct, there was a
    dark period in roman history where all kinds of nasty depraved things took
    place, the status of Rome really depended on the status of the current

  5. I like the way Mr. Robertson brought his hands together and entwined his
    fingers just as he said “…do sex together…” Gave me a woody.

  6. I still say after the show Robertson says “can you believe all these
    assholes that actually think I believe what i say”lol since there is no way
    can he be serious.

  7. A con man of extra-ordinary talent, in fact a very RICH old con man who has
    fooled the sheeple for decades and shows no signs of slowing down.

  8. For snake oil salesmen, TV Christians, bashing Gays to the delight of the
    blood-thirsty, unenlightened followers … is lucrative … “if need be”.

  9. Just a small question. That banner running along the left side of the
    screen by the picture… is it supposed to look like those peel open strips
    on cigarette packs? It’s what I see every time lol

  10. you realize when you say those things your no better than the over bias
    Christians who say the same thing about gay people

  11. Of all the religious con-artists, Robertson is one of the most successful.
    Check out the videos on Marjoe Gortner on YouTube – he is hella funny and
    shows straight up that it’s a scam LoL

  12. Robertson is a liar who makes a lot of money in the religion game. I know a
    lot of gay people, some which identify as Christians. I do not know one gay
    person who thinks Christians should be jailed. Pat makes this shit up to
    justify his own desire to punish people who aren’t like him and will never
    send him money.

  13. This needs to be made into the voice-over of a gay porn movie where each
    thrust makes a building explode.

  14. hey I don’r know what everyone’s so upset about. Pat’s right, I AM SO
    willing to destroy the church if need be. What good is the church? None.

  15. Gays were persecuted at the end of the Roman empire. I’m not sure what crap
    Robertson is eating… but yet again he is wrong. plato . stanford .

  16. When will ALL religious institutions in the US lose their tax exempt
    status? If done, they won’t be harboring such stupid people like Pat

  17. He says “do sex” because he’s never actually had good sex so it’s just an
    action for him. “But wait, I thought all Christians have great sex!” you
    exclaim. Yes, but he’s not having sex with Christians. You look confused.
    “But his wife is Christian… oh… “

  18. Pat Robertson lies to his own audience. And he does it as part of his hate
    mongering. You couldn’t be more destructive to society than Pat Robertson.

  19. Does Pat Robertson know that not only does the bible contradict itself
    repeatedly, but that many Christians are gay?

  20. I agree – but banning speech of any kind is far more likely to harm them
    than protect them. If whites could have in the 50’s & 60’s, they would have
    banned Malcolm X and MLK’s speech. We live in a messy world – sometimes
    people will do bad things, and sometimes we may even see a connection to
    certain speech and certain actions, just as the anti-war protesters of the
    60’s/70’s could have been considered to have caused the Weatherman’s
    bombing of the capital. This is not the fix.

  21. I am not even gay but jailing christians or any other religious nuts seems
    like a good idea. I propose the foundation of a new garden of Eden in a
    nice warm climate, fence it off like a fortress and send all christian
    inside without clothes or any kind of tools/medicine or anything
    technological and post-stoneage and let them live like god intended them to
    do so we can live peacefully in our “satanic” ways.

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