3 Comments on “Pres. Obama on Meet the Press: Chuck Hagel and Gay Rights (Dec.30, 2012)”

  1. It’s about more than just one comment. Hagel was one of the most anti-gay
    Senators in the last decade. He voted for the federal anti-marriage
    amendment, twice, against ENDA, against hate crimes act, etc.

  2. If Hagel had said something considered racist, he would be out of
    Washington on his ass. Gay bashing is OK? Thanks for nothing Obama you putz.

  3. racism stopped being acceptable 70 years ago, but racist people still got
    into washington around 50 years ago from segregationist governors to former
    Klanesmen LGBT only came to mainstream a few years ago,we will continue to
    see politicians over the next 20 year who have made Pro Heterosexual
    comments because its a generation thing.People under age of 20 wont be in
    washington for another 20 years

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