49 Comments on “Rand Paul sues President Obama over NSA spying”

  1. Which Constitution are they referring to? The original one created in 1789
    by our forefathers, or the second constitution that most have no idea about
    that was created in the ACT OF 1871 which created a new country located in
    the District of Columbia called the UNITED STATES? People really need to
    learn what is going on or else this law suit is nothing more then window

  2. Today, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) finally did what he had been threatening to
    do for months: He officially filed a class-action lawsuit against the Obama
    administration, the National Security Agency and a host of other security
    officials regarding a US surveillance program that collects information on
    millions of American citizens. RT’s Ameera David reports.

  3. Freedom works is not Media Roots.
    The biggest threat to my liberty is libertarianism.
    Rand Paul is a kook and I’m no fan of the NSA.

  4. This is nothing. If you’re going to sue Obama then you have to sue Bush for
    using 9/11 as pretext for Patriot Act and DHS and enforcing a new standard
    which defines what ‘terrorism’ is under the guise of “national security”
    without any debate whatsoever or redefining ‘criminality’ as terrorism
    instead of what it really is–criminality, using pre-emptive tactics in an
    attempt to head off our american or rather libertarian justice system,
    therefore doing away with ‘presumption of innocence’ and ‘due process’ or
    any questions to the contrary of what authorities declare we must comply
    with as a nation.

  5. Sure Rand Paul, I’ll believe your sincerity right after you bring a
    lawsuit against George W. Bush for warrantless wire tapping, indefinite
    detention, and torture….

    Otherwise you’re just some dude running for president.

  6. You mean to tell me with all the committees, departments and Ngo’s the Gov
    runs, Not One protects the Constitution? hell no! They are re-writing it!
    Great, in several years BarryO will already be dicktaster….I mean
    DickTator! and he has a hard on for all our asses, obviously, the pumping
    never stops! “Live free or Die” GodDamn it! …..Peace 

  7. Rand Paul vs the NSA!

    No…er: Rand Paul vs. Barack Hussein Obama!

    Er…no: Rand Paul vs. Barry Soetero! Drone Murderer in Chief!

    Hm…shouldn’t the defendant’s legal-standing bona- fides must first be
    established, before one can sue him??

    Wonder if there will be a discovery phase to answer that question!


  8. several years? We will be lucky if this country still allows attorneys or
    trials at the rate this tyranny is going.

  9. I hope he files a suit next against all those that claim and support the
    unproven lies of Man made global warming. Sue for all the economic damaged
    and social damaged it has caused mankind. Go after Al Gore he’s a top
    liberal 1%er flush with cash from all the profits of his lies.

  10. Don’t hold your breath, Obama will be a great grandfather by the time that
    gets to the supreme court…..

  11. Do we have other countires support on this? They are affected by this NSA
    spying so how about chip in some funds.

  12. Yep which constitution indeed! By the way your elections are legally rigged
    , your corporate executive is appointed by the share holders of the UNITED
    STATES INC. AND YOU ARE NOT SHARE HOLDERS! The election is a illusion to
    make you think that you have choice, but the owners of the main stream
    Media work for share holders of the UNITED STATES INC…. There are
    actually two in the house that actually get to appoint who’s president,
    there is no vote fore you ,that’s all an act and a legal deception.

  13. Its not enough, all the same, its good to see a congress member doing
    something, even if it never goes any further.

  14. Patriot act = Good
    NSA phone taps = Bad
    Bush, white guy = Good
    Obama, black guy = Bad

    Good ol’America. Do they not remember voting for NSA phone taps? Or was
    every American under the influence of drugs during the entire Bush

  15. It’s amazing how many comment are nothing more than an attempt to shift the
    blame towards Republicans and away from their messiah Obama. 

  16. 1st you have to bring the guy that leaked the secret back to United State
    #Edward_Snowden and protect him in all angle if not you re pure hypocrites 

  17. What a clown!. Didn’t he have any responsibility as a congressperson? This
    is a political stunt and a poor solution to the capture of the government
    by special interest groups.

  18. I think that the Supreme Court will refuse to hear the case and that will
    be the end of it. I don’t anticipate any progress with this..

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