12 Comments on “Real Time With Bill Maher – Macfarlane Responds to Palin comments”

  1. The R word is not funny anymore but Seth Macfarlane lauphs about it he
    needs to stop the show family guy and the movie Ted

  2. God…Seth MacFarlane is so fucking hot and brilliant!!! I’d let him fuck
    me and I don’t let anyone fuck me. 

  3. so I guess we need the word Nigger to describe annoying black ppl too? I
    want to say to that it was the far left that always told us what word is ok
    or who to use it on Case in point “Bossy”…..freaking hypocrites

  4. I admit, what Macfarlane has achieved with family guy is it reveals the
    flaws in all kinds of ppl. Ppl need a sense of humor to get if. 

  5. In point of fact, Seth & Bill, “retarded” is medical terminology, meaning
    someone with a disorder which keeps the IQ from developing beyond a certain
    point While the term has fallen somewhat out of usage due to misuse and
    political correctness, it isn’t an insult at all when used literally. 

  6. hm….from that clip, i didn’t see anything particularly offensive in
    regards to a person with Down. I mean, the other character wasn’t making
    fun of her, calling her stupid, called her a “retard”, saying she isn’t
    good enough for anything, etc. even though family guy characters are not
    exactly “catches” the girl with Down called him out, demanding more effort
    during the date. if anything, it just shows a person with Down on a regular
    date asserting herself when she feels she needs to. if there was a jab
    here, it was at Palin. but even then, eventually, her child with Down WILL
    be in this situation: on a date being asked what his/her parents do.

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