16 Comments on “Russia Invites U.S. to Worlds First Tank Biathlon”

  1. This time there were merely four countries. The next time it would be good
    to see, at least, four more.

  2. never, nobody wins the war at Russia! read the history! more long-suffering
    people like Russians I don’t know and the history too 15 July 1240, Battle
    of the Neva, etc

  3. Germany are our brothers, the majority of Russian thinks so. German and
    Russian – best warriors. World War 2 – the tragedy of a profitable third
    forces. We just pushed their heads, Hitler was a puppet. But in the
    biathlon would be fun to compete

  4. Why not? In fact, Abrams has no chance in the biathlon, they are made to
    ride on the highway. The real war is much harsher. World 2 is shown, Hitler
    had underestimated all conditions. Sorry for my English

  5. I hope The USA doesn’t show up. There is too much secret stuff on the
    Abrams, (It might not be as secret as the US Army believes any more). The
    US has been clueless about security for a long time.

  6. Usa is a myth. Russia was first in space, they launched the first satelite.
    And now when their economy is getting better, they are catching up in no
    time. Everything usa has done in thre past, was to counter russia.

  7. Russia China East Europe plus Mongols and Chinese looking People are Gog
    Magog and InshAllah they will be wipe out from the Face of Earth as they
    are most Evil people on the face of Earth

  8. look it up. and dont even bring up santa, america is the mecca of all
    stupid beliefs. santa, mothman, jersey devil, lizard presidents etc. russia
    just as good as usa when it comes to tec.

  9. only russian tanks can DO this! USA – not coming, The newest Abrams was
    beated with old USSR RPG-7! USA was country for making money!

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