50 Comments on “Russian protest against anti-gay law turns violent – no comment”

  1. Gays, Lady gaga,Justin bieber,Tv shows,Movies,Facebook …we lost life
    value!! I always wondered, what a adopted gay family child,has good to
    learn when they see their parents( 2 men) kissing in the morning,..Who that
    child will call mother or father?? That kid will live in a fucking deranged
    family, and when he will get older will became a DERANGED kid! i am not
    anti-gay but, i DONT AGREE about adoptions made by gay families!! Any
    normal person would think the same!

  2. People are fucking stupid, in the summer olympics CHINA, no one opened
    their mouths and look at their human rights violations? Where were the
    youtube comments then huh? China has its gay dick up your american ass so
    far, you know love that chinese cum

  3. Homosexual men rape 10% of children(mostly boys), yet are on’y 1.6% of the
    population… That makes homosexual men 6.25 times more likely to rape a
    child than all others combined. Now given most states don’t report male on
    male child rape as a rape, but as an assault, and the fact that homosexual
    rape is THE MOST under-reported sex crime there is due to the shame
    involved, most qualified experts have come to a figure of 18-20 times more
    homosexuals rape children than do the rest of the population… A HUGE

  4. Being gay is NOT wrong!! Only in your mind it is! People DON’T get to
    choose wether they will be gay or not! You sir, should go check out Lady
    Gaga’s song “Born this way”.

  5. Martin Luther the king who’s black fights discrimination against Ku Klux
    Klan which is a white christian only that means white supremacy, white
    nationalism, anti-immigration and a hate group. This is racism.

  6. When people don’t understand gay people. They will get fear and that fear
    will trigger a defense mechanism. They will attack you. The same happening
    at animal kingdom. They should get educated.

  7. When all other cases of child molestation from the Lexis-Nexis search are
    added to these stories, there were 2,181 perpetrators in the 1,914 distinct
    events whose sexual proclivities could be characterized by the sex of their
    victim: 41% engaged in sex with their own sex, the remaining 59% with the
    opposite sex (another 118 perpetrators violated at least 190 children whose
    sex was not given)

  8. So: 1. Gay people are mentally sick and deranged 2. Anyone who stands up
    for gays is a pussy. Therefore….. …..3. Violence is okay?

  9. “I bet you arent okey with that too”????? While you are getting therapy,
    take some adult night school classes, that is, “IF” you are an adult.

  10. A rússia ñ pára com essa mania besta, provinciana de sempre querer se
    parecer com o brasil! Tão perto aí da civilização, da frança, e teimando em
    ficar distantes. Nós ó rússia, temos pouco a oferecer além de bundas,
    novelas, carnavais, cachaça e ainda muita ignorância. Vcs aí, uma das
    referências do balé, cuja menção já nos lembra lendário Nureyev, e insistem
    nesse atraso mental medievo..

  11. Being gay is wrong. You get to choose to be gay or not, it’s not something
    your born with. I like Russia’s laws on this subject and I believe America
    should follow but I doubt they will.

  12. Western civilization are being destroyed, my brother. It’s just becoming a
    bunch of faggots, degenerates, prostitutes, drug addicts, pedophiles,
    alcoholics, vagrants and sodomites. The crisis in Europe and the U.S.A is
    not merely economic.

  13. It’s sad that you can’t see what kind of a retard idiot you are … Of
    course animals to sniff. We human beings used to do that 1000 of years ago
    as well. It is also proofed that we feel attracted to people that smell
    good (and I don’t mean perfume or stuff lie that I mean the smell of the
    body, the NATURAL smell) We are on top of the chain? From all the animals,
    humans are the most terrifying and brutal animals. But an idiot like you
    will never understand it!

  14. If being gay doesn’t hurt anyone and two adults agree to it, then fine be
    happy. But don’t expect others to adopt and force changes around your
    misguided beliefs. We don’t need your gay marriage nonsense and we don’t
    need kids being raised by two men. Next we will have to allow pedophile
    marriage and polygamy, because hey we love each other, thats ALL that

  15. I thought so that this is the case. Sadly dead people cant speak how they
    never gone to doctor…

  16. What kind of conspiracy theory your moron, it’s the reality. Baptization?
    Are you sure you’re using baptization in comparison to what gays movement
    is doing with children? You’re sick.

  17. Just let them be. Jesus Christ, respect other life. Btw, hot brunette at
    the beginning! XD

  18. So who is considered to be gay in the report? Priests? Prisoners? Anyway
    can you share the link? As you cant really put together a normal english
    sentence… And as I mentioned before there is the very logical reason that
    gay person will commit such crime and the cause and effect is probably
    different than you would think… But you most likely have selective

  19. hahaha, really? you better want to be anal raped by a man? you are
    disgusting! brrrr

  20. Not to mension that it all affects the future attitude of your kids..for
    generations ahead!!! Imagine your son watching the so called “normal” homo
    conections in the school,tv,street,and tomorow in set of girlfriend,he
    comes with..boyfriend!!! BECOUSE HE THINKS AND SEES THAT ITS NORMAL!! And
    every time you see them you wonder..,does my son suck his dick..,or maybe
    he got it from behind…Man is born to be a MAN!! And the woman is born to
    be a woman!! PERIOD FAGS!!

  21. Rofl, homosexual political movement to decay western civilization? You must
    be one of those New World Order conspiracy guys. If you concerned of
    indoctrination of children, then you should start with baptization… Yes
    Malthus was wrong, food aint a big problem, but if you think that
    population growth is sustainable forever without social problems, then you
    are crazy.

  22. стояли себе геи, никого не трогали, кроме себя самих.. и тут налетели
    какие-то пидорасы

  23. Pedophilia has become the sexual orientation in Canada now ) Homosexuals
    are free people. But homosexuality is a deviation from the norm.
    Homosexuals the right to organize their societies and clubs, but no one
    dares to violate the rights of children.


  25. We all know how nasty the homos are..If they make them legal,later they
    want to get married..later to have legal babyes..and more and more.. Hey,i
    have solution for all those homo monkeys..When they need to be scratched
    from behind,they have to be send to some Sibir prison for a week or two,and
    there they will tear up their asses for a decade ahead!!! You wanna be
    homo,go to Sweden or USA…,those are the transsexual countries where mans
    are womans and womans are mans!! MAN HAVE TO BE A MAN!!

  26. subtile? That’s not a word, buddy. I know in Russia red is the best color
    ever, but, in America, when you see a red, squiggly line under your typed
    words, it’s a bad thing. It means you didn’t spell something correctly.
    Some more of my “subtile” American humor for you. ^___^V

  27. I love seeing faggot ass queer getting brutalize and beaten. They deserve
    to rotten and die in hell.

  28. “more pussies for me” for what? to fuck one night and fail to reproduce
    with them? you hedonists are good-for-nothing animals.

  29. Of the 5,630 underage victims of these molestations, 61% were victimized by
    individuals who engaged in homosexuality. And those who performed
    homosexual seductions were quite one-sided: 3,386 of their victims were
    boys, only 60 were girls.

  30. Lets extend your logic or lack there of. So if gays can’t procreate, they
    must be banned. So does that mean sterile couples, or even couples that
    choose not to procreate must be made illegal? Why not throw all of them in
    jail then?

  31. Did you ever heard about X and Y chromosome? Your possible misunderstanding
    of evolution and genetics are disturbing.

  32. I agree with most of what you said, however it was Muslims and Jews who
    were the major slave traders especially the Ottoman empire and the Moors
    from Spain. The Ottomans sold more white slaves to Africa(mostly for sex)
    than they brought to America. The last white slave was sold in 1916,
    decades after the last Black slave was sold in the west.

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