33 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Obama And Taliban Share The ‘Same Objective’”

  1. One would assume, if Bryan’s first assertion is correct, one would be able
    to find documentation that the president considers the Taliban “freedom
    fighters.” However, the evidence seems to be lacking. Perhaps it lies
    within the inaccessible cavern between Bryan’s ears. The most likely source
    of Bryan’s other assertions is dismally obvious, so perhaps Bryan’s
    evidence was flushed following his most recent bowel movement.

  2. If Obama wanted to destroy the US he would have done so already, as he has
    access to nuclear and biological weapons.

    If anyone hates America it’s Fischer. He wants to impose the Christian form
    of Sharia Law on the US. He’s part of the US Taliban.

  3. The purpose of the Taliban is to defeat America?
    I guess they would like to see the USA out of Afghanistan, but I don’t
    really think they give two shits about us other than that.

  4. I keep getting confused. How is Obama a muslim, an atheist, a communist,
    and a nazi all at once. Some of these are very disparate and different
    things from one another.

  5. So typical to project their negativities onto others seeing that he and the
    rest of his minions make up the Grand Old Taliban Party with their
    talibaggers. Islam was derived from Christianity and they were both cut
    from the same cloth- Judaism. Fundamentalists in all 3 of these desert
    religions share the same objective- to institute their own versions of
    Sharia law that only affects women and gay men.

  6. “We need to be punished”, says Bryan Fischer, concerning what he thinks is
    on Obama’s mind…

    Wait, isn’t it all you christians who think we need to be punished for
    having values other then those dictated by your deity? You wouldn’t be
    projecting in any way, Bryan…?

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Bryan Fischer video without that Right Wing
    Watch watermark in the top-right corner. 

  8. If this AH was on the air in Russia and was saying the same thing about
    Putin, he would disappear forever. This guy is nothing but pure slime.

  9. Hmm,

    Maybe Obama is Jeebus’s way of punishing America for displeasing Jeeebus so

    This news anchor makes a lot of sense.

  10. I am confused.
    So Obama is a Communist, Athiest, Liberal, Democrat,
    Then he is a Fascist.

    Then Obama is a Racist his Black Half or White Half then he is an
    “Anti-Semite”. (Obama may have Jew-Khazar Lineage.)
    Anti-Semitism is (Anti-Jew-Anti-Khazar Supremacism),
    Anti-Israel (Anti-Jew-Khazar Nationalism since they sadistically torment
    and manipulate the world. ).

    Now Obama is an Anarchist, Monarchist, Extremist Muslim who wants to spread
    ( never mind these Extremist Christians want the same in our SECULAR

    Obama is also said to be a Satanist, Pagan AKA Witch, and a New Age
    Follower or Obama wants to be God ( Not even realistic. )
    Anti-Christ (That’s not even real.), Globalist, Illuminati, oh yeah, and
    either gay or bi.

    Which one is it Bryan Fischer?
    After all you “LOVE BLACK MALES” right or is it because Obama is as you said

    “Obama is Half-White and Half Black.
    Herman Cain is all Black. He is Authentically Black. He is the real Black
    Man in the Race.”

    Bryan Fischer do you want Herman Cain or did you already have sex with him?

    Here is is, either Obama is not all those things, can’t make up a choice or
    Bryan Fischer has been on a bunch of
    alcohol, crystallized methamphetamines, smokeable tobacco and ketamine
    which are popular drugs in the gay community, oh and he’s repressed from
    Religion which is a toxin on it’s own.


  11. When has Obama said anything close to what he is claiming. Not to mention
    if any of what he said was true, why would Obama expand the Bush policies.
    Dumb fucken asses!

  12. So the American Taliban claims that a democratic president and the actual
    Taliban have the same goals. Its like Hitler calling the kettle black.

  13. Talk about projection. HE is the taliban. HE thinks we need to be punished.
    HE wants to bring down America. HE is a traitor.

  14. No, no, no, that’s the congress room twelve. 12 senior GOP legislators and
    Frank Luntz on inauguration night 2009. Pete Session even said “Insurgency,
    we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban,And that is
    that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change
    a person’s entire processes.I’m not trying to say the Republican Party is
    the Taliban…. I’m saying an example of how you go about [it] is to change
    a person from their messaging to their operations to their frontline
    message. And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the
    other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which
    we entered the game with.”

    What ever happened to the “loyal opposition”?

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