38 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says Polls Showing Support For Gay Marriage Are False”

  1. So basically you’re saying you refuse to educate yourself yet you proceed
    to have the nerve to think you’re qualified to preach anything? 

  2. Don’t like the result of polls? Ignore them. It’s not like they don’t
    ignore reality already.

  3. ‘Read any of the literature about what same-sex households do to children’
    You mean the meta-analysis by Mike Allen and Nancy Burrell (1997) which
    found no differences between homosexual and heterosexual parenting on any
    level? Clearly you’re the one not keeping up with the literature.

  4. I believe you can personally be against same-sex marriage and not
    necessarily be a bad person. However, when you try to keep gay people from
    getting civilly married through the force of law, then you’re not just a
    bigot, but a shitty person in general because at that point, you’re trying
    to legally discriminate against a class of people based upon your personal
    dislike of them or based on religious beliefs.

  5. What an amazing look inside the conservative bubble. They act as if their
    failings were virtues and then rant about morality and brain washing if
    someone disagrees with them.

  6. See, if they only *supported* hetero marriage, that’d be fine!

    But they’re also *against allowing* gay marriage…and, yes, that makes you
    a bigot.

  7. So what if god kills gays, children and pregnant moms. Gives laws on
    selling your daughters for life or allows kings to have multiple wives and
    concubines. Or tells his followers to kill gays and unbelievers in the
    bible. Other than that it’s not bigotry. Its love, because god is love.
    Except when he’s creating evil, Satan, demons, Hell and cancer. 

  8. When poll numbers don’t go in the direction that your bigoted ass would
    like, put your hands in your ears and go “lalalala”

  9. Progressive are mistaking faith for bigotry? I think we had a similar
    problem in the ’50s and ’60s.

  10. Yes, Brian, keep ignoring the polls and pretending they are all a “liberal
    conspiracy”. That’s what the Romney 2012 campaign did, and look what
    happened: the polls were dead on, and the Romney campaign was in shock
    because they tricked themselves into thinking that the polls were all wrong.

    Please, I’m serious, keep thinking this way. Polls show that most Americans
    don’t like anti-gay talking points. The more you talk, the more votes you
    loose for the people who think like you do.

  11. This has become a very common and often used argument by conservatives. If
    they do not like the direction public opinion is heading they simply claim
    the numbers are fake. It is absolutely beyond their comprehension to
    consider that their position is simply wrong.

  12. If there were any sound arguments about why marriage equality is harmful,
    maybe they wouldn’t be bigots. But in the real world, all their whinging
    comes down to is “yuck, it’s gross”. In other words, they are bigots.

  13. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck….bigot.
    You are right, the truth never goes out of style but .religion is on its

  14. I don’t necessarily disagree with Anal Fissure here, I bet there are some
    people who just say they support gay marriage because they dont want to be
    perceived as the bigots that they actually are. But, I doubt its as
    significant a portion as Bry-Bry seems to think, and in any case its
    irrelevant, we don’t put civil rights to popular vote.

  15. Bryan, Bryan….. The media has not demonized people of faith as bigots &
    haters – “people of faith” have earned that reputation for themselves.
    They have fought long & hard for it…

  16. Worships a god who slays children; Is confused about hateful
    indoctrination. Warns of demons, bemoans brainwashing. Hilarious.

  17. According to Bryan Fischer, recent polls are complete bullshit, and are
    tainted by mainstream media propaganda. However, the “literature” on the
    effect same sex household have on children? Totally legit. 

  18. Sure, you can oppose gay marriage without hating people. However, it means
    you’re not paying much attention (as is the case far too often).

  19. It is like that joke about liberals being in a bubble in 1972. When a
    person in the Upper West side asked “how could Nixon have won the 1972
    election. Nobody I knew voted for him.” Since the election of 2012 the
    right has become as clueless as those liberals in the early seventies.

  20. Absolutely amazing when a hateful bible thumping bigoted rightwing sexist
    homophobic snob who has spent his adult life irrationally
    indoctrinating/brainwashing people has the audacity to accuse everyone else
    of these inhibitions and faults instead, and blindly so.

  21. Ah, the hilarious, gobsmacking *irony* of it all. Fischer claims the polls
    are skewed because of the “relentless indoctrination of the American
    people” by those supportive of marriage equality. This in a country with
    500,000 churches — more than all the fast-food outlets, convenience stores
    and hotels/motels combined. 

  22. I’m all in support of his argument to stay hardline anti-gay, the more
    people who stay extreme the less middle ground we will have to find when
    making rights equal. Hardliners like him are a dying breed and its best if
    they don’t learn how to take a step back and fight the current battles.

  23. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Hey Bryan, go ahead and fool yourself if you want,
    but you’re the only one who is falling for your tripe.

  24. The bible does not say love the sinner hate the sin. That is real deception
    used by this type of bigot. Oh how he must reminisce for the good old days
    when you could just take a guy person and use them for firewood when you
    burned the witches.

  25. Anyway, statistics are always somewhat skewed but when most polls show that
    the majority of the American people support same-sex marriage, it suggests
    that opponents are losing.

  26. I will agree with Fishy when he says polls are worthless, he’s right. It’s
    a CONSTITUTIONAL issue – and it won’t be subject to what polls say.

  27. I wonder if his pubes are that white? It probably looks like he packed snow
    between his legs.

  28. Christian fundamentalist complaining about brainwashing and indoctrination
    of others……LOL

  29. Assholes never go out of style either Bryan. That’s why we have you.

    And that’s the truth.

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