41 Comments on “RWW News: Fischer Says ‘The Spirit Of The Antichrist Is At Work’ In Obama”

  1. President Obama, like the one before him, GWB, should never have accepted
    their party’s offer to run for the Presidency. They both were utterly
    unqualified for the Office. That being said, as to what spirit is at work
    in the current President, who can judge what is in the heart of a man?
    Apparently Mr Fischer, that lucky dog! 

  2. I’m not saying Gary Fischer is gay but what I am saying is that he talks
    about gays and being gay more than a self obsessed gay porn star.

  3. “Dark spirit of the Anti-Christ in Obama”. That sounds very racist to me.
    This Fischer guy should be banned.

  4. I thought I had the spirit of the antichrist in me last week, but with a
    little laxative the evil spirit passed.

  5. Fischer is the typical religitard, he takes anything he wants, then
    distorts, vilify and demonize it till his listeners are numb with

  6. “This would be the best of all possible Worlds, if there were no Religion
    in it.” – John Adams
    “Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of
    Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned; yet we have
    not advanced one inch towards uniformity.” – Thomas Jefferson
    NEVER had a president who was hostile towards the Christian faith, huh?
    Seems that two of the first three of our presidents contradict that notion.

  7. You know, for all the claims these people make of how Obama is
    anti-christian, I still have yet to see a single shred of evidence that he
    is, or is their definition of “anti-christian” really just “someone who is

  8. These guys hate Obama so much that declaring him *the* antichrist is giving
    him way too much importance, so he’s just one of the antichrist’s minions.

    Oh please, you have absolutely no fear of contradiction. 

  9. Judgin by the bible’s description of the religion of the Anti-Christ, Brian
    and his political allies are the epitome of what the anti-Christ was all
    about. so much so they actually seem to represent some of the warnings in
    that book they pretend to live by. Only they look like what the book
    described as the bound for hell bad guys.

  10. Its so easy to make fun of this moron that I don’t really have to say
    anything other than “This guy is fucking nuts.” Its sadly too easily.

  11. My days this man is boring – everything is Obama’s fault and everyone is
    against Christians blah blah fucking blah. Getting real tired of this shit
    now Bryan, you need new material!!

  12. Gotta say this:
    I’m from South America. I love the USA. Got family living over there.
    Now, what I don’t understand is this:
    Why most american preachers assume that bible prophecy revolves around
    Does the antichrist has to be american just because their president health
    care plans are wrong or doubtful?
    I mean, come on… americans are 4% of the world population!
    Why do they have to preach “end times” like the rest of the world does not
    Besides, the antichrist is supposed to be able to seduce the whole world.
    Obama…nobody likes him nowadays. Can you imagine Obama saying “I am your
    god!”….come on…LOL
    Any stupid should realize that Obama is just another little piece of a huge
    The real antichrist is gonna be a lot better than him, and will be able to
    confuse most people into thinking he’s the messiah.

  13. and then the lord turned to his disciple and said ” insufferable extremist
    douches will be with you always”.

  14. How was the republic of the United States established before the
    constitution was ratified or even drafted. Come on Brian, let’s not throw
    all facts out the window.

  15. Fischer is just a bitter old bigot who has a big mouth but no power to
    fulfill his whims.

    Remember that.

  16. I’m not saying that Bryan Fischer loves black cock. I’m just saying that a
    black man’s cock is working inside him.

  17. Come on Fissure….you can do better than this drivel. Why dont you just
    commit suicide already.

  18. Why was it important to obama to say not that: “this IS a nation of
    Christians, Jews, etc” but instead to say what supposedly this nation is
    NOT? Why did he list Christianity first unless he actually believed that
    this IS a Christian nation. Obama Liar the Great is literally of the spirit
    of THE anti-Christ. 

  19. Does anyone know what exactly Obama has supposedly done that is hostile to
    Christianity? I’ve seen other people make similar statements. They never
    seem to give any examples.

  20. And we STILL don’t have anyone who is hostile to Christianity. How is it
    hostile to any faith if a man simply recognizes that Christianity is the
    only faith here in the US?

  21. Obama is anti- Christian? Are you serious? Wait until he finds out about
    the found fathers, some of which disliked Christianity a lot and were

  22. Bryan has the spirit of Cthulhu in him.
    Love the Flying Spaghetti Monster, if you wish, you don’t have to. Ramen.

  23. “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense
    founded on the Christian Religion …”

    from the Treaty of Tripoli, signed by John Adams, June 10, 1797

  24. As a conservative atheist who is critical of Obama I have to ask: If The
    Spirit of the Antichrist was at work in Obama, wouldn’t the economy be in
    better shape?

  25. So the antichrist supports marriage equality, women’s rights, national
    healthcare and legal weed? Damn this antichrist is great guy!!

  26. Right Wingers always tell wild tales and nonsense about topics to further
    their own personal goals in them.For an example,Bryan makes things up
    about the LGBT community to get them ended and destroyed on Earth once and
    for all.Anything about what I just wrote seem Antichrist to you,Bryan?

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