28 Comments on “RWW News: Robertson On Stoning Gays; Satan Leads Gay Rights Movement”

  1. Well, Pat, human life is evolving and moving to the future. Religious
    people like you are rapidly becoming extinct like the “woolly mammoth”.

  2. I just don’t understand where people get the idea that “Biblical marriage”
    is a marriage between a man and a woman. If you go by marriages represented
    in the Bible it’s pretty much an anything-goes situation.

  3. Absolutely correct Pat, the fags should be stoned as per bible teachings.
    And the secular athiests are backed by satanic forces, in order to push the
    fags agenda.

  4. 80% of all HIV stds cases are from men having unnatural sex with other men.
    Taketh thou thine headeth out of thine asseth. Lol. 

  5. “Jesus would not have baked them a wedding cake…” Well, perhaps not, he
    was supposedly a carpenter, not a baker. But, if theres any truth to the
    Biblical narrative (which I doubt, but for the sake of argument and Pat’s
    beliefs) he may have stood in front of the bigoted mob about to stone
    them, and said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  6. Well, he got that wrong. Seriously, Jesus never taught hatred for anybody.
    He taught people to love each other despite whatever makes them different –
    leave the judging to him. He would definitely have baked them a wedding
    cake and he would definitely have aided them in whatever way he can, they
    are His father’s creations and “judgement is mine” sayeth the Lord.

    So, leave the judging to him for every man shall be judged according to his
    works, so don’t be surprised Mr. “Evangelist” that on the day of reckoning
    yo ass is grass and one of the gay men you preach hatred and murder against
    actually makes it into heaven with God and you, damned for all eternity!

    And no, I am not gay, I am a Christian who despise the fact that misguided
    bigots like this a-hole gets every other Christian like myself
    broad-brushed as “people-haters.” We got the gift of choice, if your choice
    is whatever – that is your right. But hatred of people because of their
    actions is not an option and should never be.

  7. OMG! Pat Robertson has shown us the way! Clearly, the war is against Satan
    Himself! And his homosexual army! I am sure Hitler is involved, too! It is
    time to take up arms, brothers and sisters in Christ, and to smite the gay
    Nazi Luciferian abortionist army once and for all, and set this world back
    on the path to biblical 1st-century ideas of goodness and righteousness!
    Will you join me? Will you help make our nation’s childrens’ futures as
    full of promise and delight as those of 1st-century children? Now is our
    time, brothers and sisters! Our time is now.

  8. Homosexuality is not an activity. It’s a sexual orientation; a state of
    being. Sex is an activity, one that the right wing needs to stop being so
    obsessed with. And sex is not only about procreation. As for sex between
    two of the same sex, it doesn’t have to “go anywhere” to be meaningful to
    the people involved. Besides, the world is overpopulated anyway, so
    producing offspring should not be our top priority.

  9. So, Pat Robertson doesn’t like gays but he does like transsexuals? Kind of
    inconsistent, isn’t he?

  10. Robertson calls stoning gays “The Good O’ Days”.

    It’s amazing how focused these nut jobs are on people’s bedrooms.

    But then again they did defend priests raping little kids….

  11. This is the same guy who used his missionary planes to smuggle Blood
    Diamonds in cahoots with Liberia’s corrupt President Taylor.
    ShalI I mention his doomsday visions that never came true?
    Just a big scam artist nobody, ignore him, he’ll go away.

  12. I can’t make fun of senility. It is sad that he continues to display it on
    tv. That should be kept in private. 

  13. That’s right Pat; when you look out at the world were millions of children
    starve to death every year, or the billions who live in squalor and are
    sentenced to lives of suffering and deprivation, just remember, Gays and
    abortion are responsible for none of it. 

  14. So Pat, is it natural to lobby for murderous, convicted warlord friends who
    own gold and diamond mines in Liberia?

  15. “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone… unless they’re queers,
    – Jesus

  16. He always likes to have the random pretty girl sitting next to him agreeing
    with everything he says. It doesn’t matter what he says, she’s paid to

  17. How exactly are gay people oppressing Christians? I still haven’t heard any
    viable reason to think this. Is it because you’re now criticized when you
    discriminate openly towards gay people? Is this the persecution you face?

    Get the fuck over yourselves, Christian right. You are trash.

  18. So Pat, we should go back to the days of when you could stone people for
    not doing what a book of fairy tales tells you to do? If you want to live
    in a place where they stone people, there are places that still exist. Move
    there. I think you won’t like it when they stone you for the crap you say. 

  19. Its time for this stupid old fuck to go and fix dinner for his grand grand
    children instead of talk shit !

  20. Dear normal Americans, I am very sorry that you have to put up with these
    bullshit. Hang in there.

  21. I guess that infertile women are bad people now according to Pat, since
    they aren’t able to proceed conception. This is why the “x is wrong because
    of no conception” is such a flawed argument.

    When will this neanderthal get the fuck off of the screen with his bullshit
    for once?

  22. Whereas I fondly recall the days when people like Pat were considered
    mentally ill and given appropriate treatment. Nowadays they give them a TV
    show and are taken seriously no matter what crap they spout.

    It’s not right I tells ya!

  23. LOL oh Pat, you silly old fart. Why would Satan help the earth by curbing
    our population growth? If he wanted to destroy our progeny, he’d encourage
    us to use up the earth’s resources as fast as possible so it would
    destabilize society as we know it. And THAT would be to ENCOURAGE
    reproduction, not hinder it. He’s the best evangelical comedian EVER!

  24. Given the choice between a lake of fire and spending an eternity with
    quacks like Pat Robertson Fred Phelps and the like, I’ll gladly put on my
    swimming trunks and dive headfirst into the lake.

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