43 Comments on “RWW News: WCF’s Don Feder Speaks Against Gay Rights in Kiev”

  1. The “natural family” LMAO!!!
    How many children in the US grow up in a single parent or “new family” due
    to a new marriage home??? And it appears that Joe asshole here, wants to
    go down the false propagandatised slippery slope argument that if we allow
    gays to have their civil unions legally recognized as “marriage” we must
    also allow cow, pig, and chicken fuckers…oh, I forgot the rights of
    pedophiles and NAMBLA…. their legal right to claim that animal fucking
    and pedophilia should also be acceptable as to the “definition of marriage”.
    These fundies love the bible yet totally over look the story of Abraham and
    Sarah. Gee, I wonder why!? Could it have anything to do with the
    “definition” of marriage???
    “There is no thing as gay rights”.
    He is right! We call those rights in a more progressive world… “human
    rights”. Rights we should all have.
    Odd how fundies always have something to say about homosexuals yet nothing
    to say about the “Red Lobster” restaurant chain.

  2. Pro-family conservative groups= anti family. Heterosexual families must be
    so fragile if they need protection from gay couples/gay families. And why
    are women always presented as the potential victims of gay marriage? There
    are more female homosexuals and there are also female-to-male transsexuals.
    Also, they always claim that gay marriage will lead to one man marrying
    “three women or a 40-year old man marrying an underage girl?” Heterosexuals
    have been engaged in underage marriage and polygamy and pedophilia for tens
    of thousands of years- way before gay marriages were legalized. Some of the
    most homophobic countries are the same ones that still practice
    heterosexual polygamy and allow grown men to marry child
    brides. Continuing to discriminate against gay couples is NOT going to
    stop heterosexuals from molesting children, marrying child brides, or
    engaging in polygamy. And what is wrong with Parent 1 and Parent 2 on a
    passport? What if a child is being raised by a guardian who is neither the
    mother nor the father? Heterosexuals will survive. They don’t need to be
    cuddled by making them falsely believe that they are superior to
    homosexuals. And why are heterosexual conservative men always lamenting the
    “plummeting” of birth rates? If you want to breed children, go ahead but
    you simply cannot expect to get rid of homosexuality by forcing gay people
    to marry the opposite sex just so they can satisfy your need for more
    humans. Homosexual couples ALREAY procreate using the same methods that
    heterosexuals use: surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization, artificial
    insemination. Besides, there are many children lingering in orphanages and
    foster care around the world.

  3. Unbridled hate is such a corrupting force. This man thinks he’s a follower
    of Jesus… unbelievable.

  4. 3000 year old definition of marriage………hey dickhead, marriage has
    been around far longer than that. And I’m pretty sure marriage 3000 years
    ago was far different from what it is today – no mixed race, no mixed
    religion, no choice for the woman, more than one wife, bartered over
    possessions and land, gateway to social movement.
    You want traditional marriage – bring all of that back. I fucking dare

  5. In typical conservative form they are more than willing to praise the
    actions of the warlords, despots and evil empires that they once denounced
    if it manages to further their goal of a Christian theocracy.

  6. Wow really there is a movement to legalize pedophilia? Links please I
    would love to verify this.

    On another note, I bow down to my homosexual overlords. 

  7. I would think religious people would be happy about a movement to legalize
    pedophilia. Well at least the mormons and catholics anyway.

  8. Christians don’t really care about war and poverty, what’s more importiant
    is preventing one man from loving another man. Starving children will
    praise these men on their deathbed, not for sending them food, but for
    stopping two men from loving each other. What a God this is.

  9. The men in pinstriped suits and smart, clean uniforms… who order the
    holocaust. Will they ever become extinct? Alas, no. 

  10. WCF’s=hate group, period. When an organizations only main goal is denying
    equal protection under law, fuck you. You would like to discriminate, no.
    Not now, not ever again

  11. You people don’t give a shit about real families, just your pigeon hole
    vision of a family. I spit on your ‘World Congress of Families’ you
    miserable fuck.

  12. The biological fact that ~10% of humans are not strictly heterosexual =
    pedophilia, goat fucking & criminalisation of Christianity? These people
    are confused.

  13. Yeah, so basically if you agree with this guy you are Putin’s patsy and
    dedicated follower. That’s right to anyone who disagrees! I fucking said
    it. Oh and to Don Feder I say this: You lose asshole!

  14. It would be a win-win for everyone if the WCF, AFA and FRC packed up shop
    and moved to Russia (Ukraine has enough on its plate right now).

  15. At least this man speaks the truth, unlike the far left which white washes
    the impacts of the radical homosexual agenda.

  16. What is it with these people and locker rooms.
    I bet they were looking and think everyone else does, too. 

  17. Since this type of hate is being seen for the ignorance that it is in the
    US I guess these morons have decided that it’s time to export it…

  18. Christian businesses are not prosecuted. Bigots running businesses, who
    happen to identify as Christian, may be prosecuted if they discriminate
    illegally, just as they would be if they claimed religious justification
    for discrimination against ethnic minorities, the disabled, women, or
    anyone else they claim their religion gives them the right to victimise.
    There’s a difference, not least because many Christians don’t agree with
    that discrimination.

  19. He really understands what is on the minds of Ukrainians. His next trip
    will be to Syria to discuss the dangers of internet porn.

  20. And one more thing, if individual constitutional civil rights were subject
    to a majority vote, The South would still look like it did in the early

  21. Really. When they discover that they can’t win, they move somewhere else
    and try to poison it with their disgusting shit.

  22. What an absolute lunatic! And what a hypocrite for accusing gays of wanting
    to ban Christianity when they are the ones who are wanting to ban gay
    rights! And they do in so many places. And please don’t conflate being gay
    with pedophilia! That is simply a lie.
    You know, I am gay and I came from a family and now have a family of my
    own. Isn’t that what you really want?

  23. I agree that, rather than speaking of gay rights, we should be speaking
    about equal rights. So, gays should have the right to marry and adopt, just
    like everyone else.

  24. Gay Rights and Marriage are eventually going to be accepted in Kiev,as they
    are in states in the United States,and eventually in every other state in
    the world.Gay Marriage is fought for a little while before it is always
    accepted.That is how it goes. 

  25. Is there a law against pedophilia now!?
    Holy crap… this is how a complete blow-hard sounds like when on tour. But
    he forgot to murky the homosexual-agendas water with beastiality at
    least…but I’m sure he just forgot to mention that :/

  26. i always laugh when i hear people try to say homosexuality is bad because
    it you cant have kids with a man on a man. dude the planet is over
    populated. we have a lot of problems, a lack of population isnt the
    problem. homosexuals will not make the human race extinct, they’re in the

  27. Fundies hate America so much that they even support the Russians over the

    Remember when no less than ten years ago, these same jackoffs demanded
    unthinking loyalty to GW Bush and anyone who dared to question invading
    Iraq was attacked for being “unpatriotic”?

    Fundies love death, oppression, and war. So long as they get to have their
    sadistic jollies being the ones killing and oppressing, of course.

  28. Later on, back in his hotel room, him and the two young bucks on either
    side of him made a Feder sandwich

  29. Yes because there are a limited amount of marriages allowed so whenever a
    gay couple marry a straight couple cannot. 

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