3 Comments on “SDP’s Let’s Talk with Alex Au”

  1. Unless you’re ‘homophobic’, what’s wrong with this interviewee? Alex Au is
    one of the most prominent intellectual bloggers around. And I can’t believe
    after all these years and progress, people can still think the SDP should
    be ‘returned’ to Chiam. I have respect for Chiam, but also for Chee, and so
    I won’t go to ask you what hope Chiam has brought to opposition politics

  2. The guy Chia ti lik needs to improve his interview skills: he needs to
    learn how to improvised rather than use his clip board

  3. SDP, you can’t get better people to interview is it? Please return SDP to
    Chiam See Tong, and ask the Chees to resign. That’s the only hope for SDP.

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