17 Comments on “Sepp Blatter is disrespectful to Nelson Mandela he interrupts a minute’s silence”

  1. FIFA is corrupt due to this fucker look at all the match fixing and fixing
    of the ballon D’or messi should have only won maybe 1 or 2 of the 4 he has
    one the other ones 2 for Ronaldo 1 for sneijder then the France 2010
    handball for qualifying was bullshit and the comments he made about that
    too were disgraceful we need a new FIFA president how about pele he
    deserves it and would make fair decisions 

  2. Just PROVING how IGNORANT THIS ASSHOLE IS !! Blatter , i wouldnt let ya
    into my local pitch , you are a DISGRACE to the world of Football !! STEP
    DOWN NOW !!!

  3. Usually when a minute’s silence is abandoned at football events it is
    because of disrespectful fans. But at the World Cup finals draw in Brazil
    it was the old senile Butt-Head Fifa president Sepp Blatter himself who
    interrupted one minute silence he called in memory of Nelson Mandela after
    10 seconds…
    Mr. Blatter SHAME ON YOU!

  4. How this man has ever held any prestigious job, let alone the head of the
    worlds most popular sport is beyond me. He is about as tactful as a
    screaming baby at a funeral!

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