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  1. Both brought up factual points however I have to agree with Clive. She
    obviously needs a course in sociology. 

  2. Do you know, Clive Forrester, that Prof. Rex Nettleford was given the
    highest award by the Jamaican government. He was a Rhodes Scholar and in
    charge of a Department at the University. In the 70’s I knew many
    homosexuals and I didn’t see anybody harming them. It is a proven fact that
    most homosexuals are harmed by other gays, like a certain Ambassador. So
    stop acting as if Jamaica is denying jobs etc to gays which is a lie. The
    problem is when some gays take certain flamboyant behavior to the street
    where some people are not educated. But if you are a gay person living in
    Jamaica you can live your life, work, and be successful so stop telling
    lies because you have an agenda where you want an openly gay society. 

  3. It seems that you, like Angelique, somehow missed the whole scientific
    discussion on gender. You weren’t born with a gender – you were socialized
    into it. Gender is a social construct, sex is a biological one, and
    sexuality is a complex interplay of the two.

  4. And a member of a Jamaican catholic apologetics council along with her
    Church brother Peter Espeut or something to that effect right Angelique ?(
    I haven’t gone through the entire video yet but did y’all cuss each other ?
    Lol 🙂

  5. Finally, I would strongly urge Ms. Angeline to do some extensive research
    on homosexuals/homosexuality from sources (outside of the church)

  6. I started being attracted to the same-sex as young as 6 yrs old. Attraction
    is NOT ALWAYS ABOUT FUCKING SEX!! And at 6, I wasn’t thinking about sexing
    up this other 5/6 yr old girl.

  7. Oh my goodness!! Angelique has conceded that the buggery law should be

  8. it doesn’t matter what we say are how we feel about gays,our father in
    heaven already say what is wrong and what is right,and who can enter into
    his rest,let GOD be our judge,so far my research on his law say its
    wrong,if every same sex should be together then it would be unfair for him
    to say go and multiply

  9. Male and Female are biological. Masculine and Feminine are cultural. She
    needs to appreciate the difference between SEX and GENDER.

  10. Ok and what the hell is she saying about ‘conceiving’ children they’re lots
    of straight people can’t have kids so what, they shouldn’t get married. The
    must adopt, what if they want to use science to conceive, no they can’t!??
    So what about the single parents, and what about the men with all 5 and 10
    children with all different women.

  11. at 8 yrs of age i had no interest in male or female, that interest
    developed fat later. i think her views are a bit narrow though

  12. I would imagine that marriage is more than sex…? One doesn’t need to be
    married to have sex and procreate yeah?

  13. It pains me deeply that it’s people like this woman who hold a popular
    consensus on who I am as an individual- the ignorance seeping from her
    mouth is nauseating.

  14. This woman is so extreme she’s just as bashful as any terroist. Her love
    for slavery is deplurable. Please woman keep Canada out of your delusional
    no relivant information. Talking so reckless comparing sexual behaviour
    with homosexuals. As a professional health professional in Canada am going
    to puke at this woman non intact knowledge. This woman obviously don’t seem
    to have any insite of herself. She read this she read that but in the same
    breath she disqualify research as worthy.

  15. No, not at all Angelique, I think you did a good job of representing your
    views. However, I do think that the underlying premises of your views are
    simply wrong, or unduly reductionist. The matter of gender is more than
    “language engineering”. If gender simply meant male or female, explain to
    me then, why the Charter of Rights excludes any reference to “gender”,
    referring only to “male” and “female”. In answering that question, you may
    want to look at the report of the Joint Select Committee

  16. Gender and biological sex are not the same. Culture dictates that a person
    with a particular sexual organ behaves in a particulare way. That is what
    gender is.

  17. This arrogant, load lady refuses to listen to listen to reason and pay
    attention to what Clive is saying. You welcome studies that confirm your
    suspicions about homosexuals, but deny those which indicate what gender
    really is, as opposed to sex! Studies from years gone back have noted that
    gender is cultural, but in your ignorance you stick to your guns because
    your whole argument would crumble. I applaud Clive for being able to sit
    and listen to you

  18. my gender is female that is how my father in heaven make me,and thats how
    he want me to be,so there shouldn’t be ant confusion on my part plus my GOD
    dont make mistake,man does

  19. To kidge is yo seal your own fate I’m a straight femal by birth but I do
    not judge

  20. Celibacy has the same net effect as same sex activity. It is as unnatural
    as homosexuality. It is an agenda of the Catholic Church.

  21. Christians need to stop pathologizing homosexuals as though we are some
    depraved and deranged sub-human sect with sinister intentions.
    Conversations such as this are important for education.

  22. So did I see somebody post that they new about sex from they were 4? Let me
    see if understand that, you knew you were same sex sexuality and had those
    fantasies at age 4? Hmmm….who can argue with that? Whatever Ryan…..are
    you happy in your faith? You sure don’t seem that way – you’re a very
    conflicted man.

  23. Marriage is already defined as a union between a man and a woman and base
    on that definition Gay and lesbians cannot be married to each other. The
    union between people of the same sex cannot be defined as marriage. Its
    best they find another word and leave th heterosexuals with their

  24. Sexuality and sexual behaviour are two different things. There is no
    necessary relationship between gayness and anal sex. There are countless
    gay people who don’t have anal sex!

  25. Not always the position Clive. Research has been altered to support and
    advance the agenda for the acceptance of same sexual practice.

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